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  • Thanks very much. Now I get to sit around and watch you do all the work in the Mario boards then take credit for it :D
    I feel the Indy smash scene is so dry. x_x
    I never find tournaments in Indianapolis lol.
    Hey! Right now my weekdays are pretty free, except for Wednesdays. Jetzger is interested in playing with us too, and she is free Tuesdays and Fridays. I would rather do Tuesday if you are free. We can even do multiple days a week if you want. I am pretty free this semester.
    I noticed when I got home. Lol, I can just get it next time. I don't plan on playing smash for a while anyway. (Although I did just purchase Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)
    Grats on mod! Omg INKY is so powerful.

    And now I know a new guy this is so cool. Go get me some coffee, new mod.
    I got your texts but I wasn't sure last night if that time would be okay with my parents, but apparently I can't go anymore because we're going to my stepdad's parents. :/ Oh well. On the plus side, I'm confirmed for SiiS3, I have the money and already told my parents and girlfriend about the day and they all promised that we wouldn't have scheduling conflicts. So I guess I will see you then! I still feel bad about not being able to come today.
    Haha awesome, thanks. I don't know how to make GIFs, but is there any way to make that small enough to fit in my sig?
    I thought so, it's cool though. Say hi for me to everyone if I don't make it down some other way.
    You plan on going to the day-after-Christmas thing in Cinci right? If so I want to ride with you! If that's okay, anyway. The only problem is that I would probably have to show up Saturday night sometime, because my parents generally have issues driving me places in the morning. But I might be able to arrange a morning thing if you are too busy.
    I'm down for Philly, definitely. Just as long as you're okay with driving. I would be okay with helping you drive, even though I'm not the best driver. :/
    instead of those pink candy jar on her lap, it's gonna be myself on her lap ^___^

    **** PIC

    at least l got something new to fap to tonight! :DDDDDDDDDD
    :/ If only I had that much money. I'm sure it would cost more once we got there too... so I doubt I would be able to make it. I hate being a poor teenager!
    Due to unforeseen circumstances my situation has changed, my parents aren't allowing me to go to Muncie and instead I have to visit some "family" or whatever.

    I am disappoint. D:
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