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Nefarious B
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  • I play shugo regularly so my item control was beasting on him compared to shugo utterly destroying me in friendlies

    It is so unfun to have friendlies with ICs or Falco mains regularly lol
    Yah im toying with diddy myself to get my item game up , I took down atomsk's falco first stock with 40% on myside , then he proceeded to destroy me
    Well def try it in friendlies and maybe in bracket 2nd and 3rd stock (1st being armor pieces unless you throw them out ** I personally dont or just throw one out **)
    I have been able to preform the first one while they where getting up on my first attempt (that I got sucessfully) , you are probly right to charge it. Have you ever been able to use in bracket? it seems like one of those things that is situational but a good idea to keep in mind like the dash attack lock
    Ok , I watched your video again when you posted it again , and I can do it 70% of the time I try , Its an easy 30 -) 90 if done right?
    I've done it on MK , Kirby , Olimar but its really difficult but characters like ROB falco snake and such make it kinda viable , its just landing it at that % is a pain >.> , Also I learned if you do use nair 3 and it goes the other way I've had enough time to turn around and Neutral b and try and pick it up (still easier for them to tech but at least its still attemptable more)
    So that one thing you had on your youtube channel with the down smash to nair 3 thingy , I was testing it , it looks usable on any character from 20% - 35% , is it techable orrrr ??
    My "Let's Play" Channel (click)

    Just wanted to let you know about my Let's Play series I've got going on. Basically, I play blind playthroughs of video games you guys request and that's it. :bee:

    I'm currently playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) and Yoshi's Island (SNES) and I've already finished a Mega Man 10 (Wii) LP as well.

    Just want to invite you in on the fun if you haven't heard about it. If you like the videos definitely SUBSCRIBE to my channel and post on my wall so we can discuss what other kinds of games you'd like to watch me play!

    Thanks for the support. Spread the word! :cool:
    yeah after that the MU isnt much of an issue just walk and and PS there **** and expect them rolling there C stick at some point of time
    There is one in my crew that plays wolf and Im falling for those tricks from this wolf I played at Apex in friendlies (plays snakeee even though I pretty much went dead even with him)
    interesting , might need to take note of that
    If wolf is double dsmashing should i just gtfo or dtilt / Ftilt since it seems like MK sometimes and I feel safer just resetting sometimes
    Just an annoying MU , havnt lost to any yet
    Hate PSing stuff and the blaster , no real safe way to approach if they "turtle" , My grab mixups are terrabad
    Whats your option of the Wolf MU, since Cal has a **** ton of spacies PR'd im sure you find a lot of those ppl as well
    I didn't get any from that tourney :@ :@ :@ :@

    Meteor Master 2-0'd me in pools, was so glad I beat him. Beat his ROB on BF and his Ness on Delfino.

    I'm going to friendly/MM EVERYONE at the tournament this weekend, and try to put as many up as possible.
    1: Mew2King (Meta Knight, Dedede)
    2: Hall (Snake)
    3: tedeth (Wario)
    4: Scoot (Falco)
    5: Shaya (Marth)
    5: Zero (Zero Suit Samus)
    7: Apollo (Zero Suit Samus)
    7: Meteor (ROB, Ness)
    9: luke_atyeo
    9: Oats
    9: Zxv
    9: Summoner

    Beat Luke Atyeo, who is PR 4, first round, knocked into losers by Shaya, PR 2, beat Summoner, then Meteor Master, PR 3, then lost to Ted, PR 1.

    Feeling good about my skill atm, going to come top 8 this weekend at our (inter)national
    Yeah I'm not saying that the 3 stock was really legitimate :p, I was surprised at the time of how well I did, though.

    Generally, though, after a two day tourney, I play significantly worse the second day due to lack of rest and focus.

    But, yeah, it'll definitely be fun to play you again after you learn the matchup a little more :) I imagine if you start crouching vs my tornado it'll make it a good deal harder for me since it's pretty much one less approach option.
    It was actually playing you that made me realize HOW MUCH I improved since AG. I remember at AG I was just trying out MK and I played him against you and got *****, and you said that I shouldn't play MK because mine was really easy to read. And then I was about to play you in a friendly for the first time at Bio thinking "hey it's been a while since AG, maybe I'll go even with him now" and I won by a three stock O_o

    It's weird, I was doing really well vs ZSS players this weekend. Tyrant at one point commented on how well I knew the matchup. But I've never studied it, I just watched M2K vs NickRiddle like once or twice, and then just started focusing on not getting hit by dumb **** in the matchup.

    I think that's the key for fighting ZSS, don't get hit by dumb **** lol

    You live in SoCal now, right?
    Hey Homie! If I do the whole housing thing with you, it'd only be me. Text me your number, and I'll save it (IN MY GOOGLE VOICE ACCOUNT!!!! :) ) and I'll keep you updating. I'm arriving in SF late on Friday night. After 9pm is most likely going to be the case.
    GJ commenting on your own page instead of mine, lulz.

    I put the speed on 1/4th, and stood right before(almost in) the diddy. I then had my little sister hold shield, and told her I'd give her candy if she'd do it (aka fail-safe)
    I then spawned a banana, and threw it, then I used nB, then I JCT'd the banana, nB etc.

    I quickly noticed that being too far away with nB allows him to stand up, as the projectile is too slow.

    Btw I'd love to see the write-up
    It was legit in my testing.
    You're probably not being close enough to your opponent, you should consider the travel time of your projectile.
    I thought you said something about testing JCT to nB. I'm currently unable to try it out :/

    Would you do it for me? <3
    Yeah what I was trying to say earlier back at Genesis was that, at least for ZSS, if you land a good hit on your opponent it's usually better to use the time you gain from that to set up better spacing/reach a better position instead of going for an additional hit nearly immediately. Obviously if you think you have conditioned your opponent enough that you think they will get hit by another hit instead of airdodge, then go ahead and go for that follow up. But the majority of the time it's a better idea to hit someone once, back off, and force them to come to you.

    If you feel that you are too aggressive, slow down your game and try to react more to your opponent instead of trying to go aggressive and force them to make a mistake.
    nef B! Ima backhand you. I got third!!! I didn't get to say hi to you... Well have fun in Peru =). We'll get to hang out some other time.. hopefully.
    hey nef my latest vids are doubles matches and can be found on the last page of the video archive your critique would be much appreciated
    Your signature is legendary.
    Can i add it to my own? :p credit to you of course lol
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