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  • Nice! Final Countdown is a bit rough, how does Bubble Beat work? I know what it is (sort of) just not familiar with it.

    Those must have been some good *** tiebreakers.
    Not good. Inzektors blow man. How'd you do. You should also.add me on Facebook.

    Travis Talboys
    Wow you're 18? Time flies.

    But I didn't come here for that. Need to talk to you about something on AIM if you ever get the time.]
    Happy birthday...

    Man... My only memory of you is when you MMd me and then you paid IN FREAKING QUARTERS!!!
    Cloudians vs Morphtronics next time we meet, then, 'cause I'll have it finished next week. OTK battle~
    Absolutely. Another friend is coming up who plays on an almost weekly basis at our local, so we'll have even more YGO players. I'll be repping the queen of the skies. :p
    Building and rebuilding is the spirit of yugimons. 8D

    Quickdraw has looked awesome all the time since I saw him. Never messed with him because I'm a super oldie player and I'm not perfectly hip with you whippersnappers and yer white card Synchro doodads. :l

    That was gonna be my next question, what do you play?

    Sounds like a wacky Plant Synchro thingy. :O
    It really pisses me off that Shooting Star Dragon gets under my ace in the hole card against Synchros, triple Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds. WHY COULDN'T HE BE LIGHT ATTRIBUTE, LIKE A SHOOTING STAR? THEN YOU COULDN'T SUMMON HIM. >:(
    Right now, a really janky variant of Harpies without any Synchros running triple Solidarity. My 2900-drop Harpie Queen wants to have a word with anyone who can **** with her.

    When it gets finished, I'll be rolling a Deck I tried to roll the day it came out: Morphtronics. :3
    I use Yado Karu to scare off people at locals who think they know more about YGO than me. "What's the effect of Yado Karu? You don't exist if you don't know the answer." I was totally kidding though.

    I had a Muka Muka Beatdown deck at one point. It was super cash. Play Muka Muka and one face-down. Gemini Elf trying to run over my 1800 Muka Muka? Eff you, flip Jar of Greed, 2100 ATK, get pwned.

    Super old YGO was really fun. Raigeki, Marauding Locks, Injection Fairy Lily being broken... oh man, good times.

    Yeah, legitness.
    Since it looks like the rest of NEOH doesn't play...

    Yugioh rival. Sup.

    I haven't played in 3 months, but I haven't forgotten a thing. Yado Karu beatdown, get at me. :U
    Look at what's happened to UB. :(

    I have no motivation anymore, I've been worn out by this tragic affair.
    ah i thought you where trying to get him better , I should try bang but his movements are kind of awkward to say the least for me
    Nope I scrub him (not so much now but dont know tagers metagame still)
    But Im working on the challenges when i have freaken time I only learned a couple I couldnt even pull off on wifi with that lagg
    I do , I havnt even touched it yet but I do agree >.>
    Hey. hey you. I'm texting you. And creeping on your SWF page. Ohshi-
    PS SILENT PREDATOR IS ASLEEP. I SHOULD LIKE....ATTACK HER OR SOMETHING. It's the perfect opening....but she can hear silence...and loudness...
    We are gonna have to play on wifi some how so they auto lvl us. I can help u out when I get home no Internet here just this dumb iPad grrr those thing sucks
    Ok , sounds good when can we? (for the next 3 days i probly only can at night randomly since im on vacation)
    Im talking smog (lol inb4 hate) Im normally OU or Video game boot camp rule set which is basicly limiting which you can use , Video game boot camp allows two of certain legendarys and bans any that only accessible through events (and mewtwo)
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