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  • Picking up Brawl are we? >:3

    Well, I don't have any recording setups, but I could probably just send the files to you directly. I think that works?

    Also: Thank you for that amazing paragraph shout out. :v Hey, you weren't bothering me at all! In fact those matches were probably the most entertaining ones all day.
    uh yeah Chase can go but he "should" get a ride to Canton. oh and yes gas money for him lol. Make sure Jiffy knows where you're living? Think Jiffy wants to leave by 8:30
    and bring my TV
    Seems like you'd be good to go with Me, Jiffy, and Rikku if no one else wants to go.

    Oh, is there melee happening today? Can I get in?
    lol, good ol dobs. And yeah I remember playing you at the middle of ohio shindigs, you're kirby beat my ganon once and I got mad salty lolol
    Hey, what's up... Sorry I didn't get back to you. I might be running a little late to the thing today. I'll be there either way regardless. I can give you a ride. I'll let you know when I'm going to be able to leave in a little bit.
    Yeah it looks tough, but I think I can handle.. Lain owes me from last tourney so I wanna mess with him a little bit.. I also saw that CoT pass thing, that's too good to pass up.
    Hey, I quite enjoyed the yugimonz. It was refreshing to play against a deck without Pot of Duality in it >.<
    And I finally finished my Cloudian OTK, So I'll let those guys out next time we meet :p
    Wonderful. I'm bringing my trades too. And I would be playing Cloudians, but I don't quite have all the cards yet.
    It's basically Quickdraw Plants. But my build never stays the same for more than a week or two.
    Pretty good card under Solidarity. Shuts down the other half of my teched-out Quickdraw. And Formula Synchron isn't Wind.
    Oh boy, Morph OTK. I have a super Celfon :o

    And Solidarity and Icarus are two cards that annoy the hell out of me =/ And my Tytannial dislikes 2900 attack. Shooting Star Dragon, however, laughs at is it single-handedly attacks you for game.
    Old Yugis was fun until I tried to play even semi competitively.

    Me: "I'll summon 2 MCaptains, go."
    Them: -1st turn Yata lock- "ggs?"

    I like the game as it is now a lot better.

    What deck do you even run?
    Lol sounds good.

    And you can't be serious.
    Reminds me of a guy I know with Muka Muka Beatdown :^O
    MI or Twiny again dis weekend if ITT doesn't die from new year's or something...
    That's not too bad, maybe more than we'd expect getting from venue for a first-time-try, but eh. Kthx though.
    Prob going up to Twinsburg tomorrow with ITT for a small brawl tourney, dunno who else he's taking already...
    Oh, and if you're ever want to go to a tourney with me just let me now, I usually get to one every week. Last time we had a seat open and there was a melee event. ;o
    So guy, me and Jiffy were thinking of hosting a tourney around here... We need a venue, so I was wondering if you can look for/ ever saw a sexy place at your college specifically (or anywhere I guess) that's spacious and has outlets, tables and chairs 'n stuff, like a game room or something. I'd be so legit. Melee side tourney?!
    But we're thinking of looking around for a venue sometime when Jiffy has off work or something, tell me if you're interested in helping looking/running or w/e. We'll need a tio laptop too lawl. Get hype?
    Also get me a way to get 70-150 more dollars for Pound 4 son.
    Nothing today... I think Fromundaman is having a small smashfest/maybe tourney at his place in akron, but don't think I'll get a ride for it, dunno though.
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