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  • Ohmygosh we can post statuses on Smashboards now!? ...I will probably never use this feature ever.
    yeeeeeee! :D Then I look forward to it! I might have some Brawl practice under my belt this time! >:3
    So basically if it has "Sonic" in the title I'm uploading it. Everything else is yours. Just to make sure we do this right.
    I'm only just getting around to uploading the matches from your Wii now <.<
    sorry if the uploading is taking to long. Speedyshare continues to fail. I'll do my best to be done with them tonight.
    Shh, I might randomly have motivation to play Brawl. :s

    I actually don't know how I would get them from "Brawl replay data" to "stuff that can be viewed in video format" at all! So maybe we'll just have to record new matches. :p

    I did enjoy those matches a lot. I needed something to relax with (sans the [joking] raging) in between getting back into the swing of things with Melee. I had a lot of really tense sets, and playing with you in between games helped a lot. :D

    No Hari shoutouts though. But I got a visitor message response to my shoutout! :v that counts.

    Youuu should do something with those matches we saved if you can please. <: I wanna watch how horrible I am and try to figure out a character I like in Brawl before I go to another tourney. Meowww.
    Hehe thanks it took me quite a while to find this picture and I had it ever since Ill change it once in a while but I change it right back to this one. ^_^
    Hey Hari ^_^, it was nice to see you girls. I hope you guys had fun ;3
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