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Dec 3, 2016
Jul 19, 2010
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Smash Hero, from Grieving No Longer

Life was last seen:
Dec 3, 2016
    1. Xivii
      Replace in my Death Note Mafia game for me?
    2. -Se7en-
      When Life gives you lemons...
      1. Life
        When I had premium a while back, my title was "Lemon Distributor."
        Nov 11, 2014
      2. -Se7en-
        That's actually pretty cool.
        Nov 11, 2014
    3. Blurr-kill
      Hey I herd you for from Springfield MA. I am to I'm trying to find all the Springfield MA smashers so we could eventually do something
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      2. Blurr-kill
        O sorry wrong life then? Yes I have and thanks anyways
        Apr 30, 2014
      3. Life
        The only other Life I'm aware of is a Korean Starcraft 2 pro...
        Apr 30, 2014
      4. Blurr-kill
        Hmmm probably a typo then my bad lol
        Apr 30, 2014
    4. BSP
      Hey, I just end wanted to tell you that I admire your support for the #oneunit thing, but remember that some of the melee players really despise brawl. It essentially, deliberately took away everything they liked about smash, so idk how successful you'll be.
    5. Gene
      Your avatar looks like two yellow boobs. I just wanted to share that.
    6. TheAwesomefroggy
      Are there any vids of your Sonic? I've heard you say how bad it is, but no proof. Anyways, mine's potentially worse (no vids of it BTW.)
    7. HariKyuubi
      Yes. You're the only Sonic that played there, so...
    8. HariKyuubi
      I know the feeling. :c I'm probably gonna do it tomorrow. I've been soooo busy with schoolwork up until this weekend.
    9. Luigisama
      mpg files.
    10. Luigisama
      all videos of Hari's replays were uploaded.
    11. Jimmyfosho
      I lurked the sonic social, I'm sorry for your loss bro.
    12. Jimmyfosho
    13. Jimmyfosho
      alright no sweat, the option is always open.
    14. Jimmyfosho
    15. Grim Tuesday
      Grim Tuesday
      Ghost and I saw you lurking on the Aussie UR thread ;)
    16. Seagull Joe
    17. Jimmyfosho
      Nope, not sure if i want to do teams anyways... MK banned seems cool but eh i'm still deciding
    18. Jimmyfosho
    19. ~TBS~
      jgrvebiksdrjkfosvjbsgikfkogvjbifokvbjfokvj FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    20. ~TBS~
      Uh........seagull is ages away from me D:

      when is hope?
    21. Jimmyfosho
      either is fine (preferably brawl though since im garb at melee lol) and chars idc just for fun but we could do some classic mario vs sonic matches...
    22. Jimmyfosho
      seems you're going to that tournament in may as well? Needs some friendlies again.
    23. ~TBS~
      Saw you ask in the thread. Im good. Relaxing.
    24. ~TBS~
      ohaidere. :O

      yeh, at this point its just...whoooh.
    25. ~TBS~
      You said "Hi Speed!"

      uh huuuuuh. e.e
    26. ~TBS~
      Huh? What is it?
    27. Jimmyfosho
      Lol I wish someone started a permanent scene here lol

      and that's very unfortunate.
    28. Jimmyfosho
      I got knocked out by 2 ikes lol first one was mozz and the other one was flying eagle so i went 2-2
      beat Greg, lost to Mozz, beat Jarvitz, and lost to Flying eagle
    29. Jimmyfosho
      fun games at the tournament man
    30. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      I'm the opposite :3 I get worse when I jump from character to character :3
      btw, might wanna work on that rolling habit :3 I got too many KOs/Grabs from it
      you do it just a bit too much, try running away instead, that way you can come back and attack ;3
    31. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      oh I noticed it :3 lag makes everything gay tho
    32. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      generally my style is to mindgame then punish, but because you're so direct mindgames don't really work because you don't react to things that would normally hit you ie. not spotdodging expecting a dash attack/ grab, in either case of course I can be direct too, it's just that if you want to place well in tournies you'll need to learn how to be a bit more indirect ;)
    33. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      I will tell you this though my friend, you're too direct, both on offense and defense, I can easily read you :3 in fact most of the matches I lost were because I was kinda giving you too much credit and thus expected something else =/ no offense, not that you suck it's just that you need more variety :3
    34. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      well... I have gotten better since last we played :3 so maybe you're not too bad though :3
    35. Life
      It's not even that. I'll just randomly try to spindash->jump->nair (or whatever) and it ends up being spindash->roll offstage->SD. Bugs me because it loses matches.
    36. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      gotta love them Suicides thanks to lag :D
    37. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      you do have your 2nd jump, it's just that you probably fully charged spin dash
    38. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      correction, you play overly cautious when you're at last hit :P don't let yourself get scared of losing "when I've come so close" think more along the lines of "yes! if I keep this up I got this!" and you'll surely win :D
    39. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      I know lol, I saw, you got too nervous, believe it or not, there were at least 10 times where if I were you I'd have ended it.
    40. Aria Hatsune
      Aria Hatsune
      yep, that's why, I wanted to see the mistakes you were making against his Mario, and so you know, I don't naturally roll that much... ever. those were shield drop -> run dash grabs, unfortunately lag hates it. let's not even talk about how my Dashing shield doesn't work for crap under that lag, I missed so many shield grabs on Cwhip's aerials =/ along with tons of other wonderful things, wall jumps, walljump->Spindash up edge to prevent edgehog etc.
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