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  • Hey there Aria long time no talk how have you been man? and do you still play Brawl using Wimmfi?
    I've been all right man, but nah, I don't play Brawl using Wiimmfi anymore. I pretty much just prefer Netplay now xD
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    I see then let brawl sometime Aria when I set up Dolphin is easy right? and netplay is safe?
    Are you the same Aria that beat me with Marth then stomped me with Sonic on Smash Ladder???
    yeah, that'd probably be me.
    Hello jingzero, I just seen you in the arena, it's been a long time since you visited there. Anyway nice seeing you again.
    well your best bet to brawl me is gonna be through this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=327630

    I tend not to set up 1v1 unless I have time and my schedule is crap so I rarely do, but at least at night I have time to play a little, but it's not every night. but yeah, just try to catch me in that thread and we'll play

    haha fair enough. I should be on most days between 7pm and 10pm cst but the next few days is iffy cause of my schedule
    Well, other than the realization that I'll be graduating in a little more than a month from now everything's been moving along as it normally has. Going to be heading out for a regional UIL competition tomorrow so that's something to look forward too. Going to be in Lubbock. xD
    Yeah, I've been well. How's life treating you?

    You can change your name buy purchasing a premium membership. If you're looking just for the name change I would just suggest the $4 subscription. You can go here for information on the other perks.

    Once you purchase premium, then send a PM to Virgilijus requesting your name change. Then you just wait until he gets around to completing them.

    Although at the moment premium is down, so you might not be able to get it at the moment.
    St. Mary's! Thats not even that far from here! Idk about about San Marcos. You know of any other tourneys that'll be held in the future?
    yeayeayea!! lol i think that was it.. how far do you live from the sa smash community? if you've ever been to hobo i literally live like 5 min away from the place and can't get an invite to a smashfest.. though i would totally love to play. it's kinda the opposite but similar kinda thing for us lol :p
    hmm... i remember you telling me you didnt have something at home.. else im' sadly mistaken -.-
    Actually, I haven't gotten anything back. I'm not sure if he got it. Perhaps because he's in Vegas, the area code (I assume it's SA's) isn't going to work. I'll just give you my # and tell him to call/text me. I live here so the 702 prefix shouldn't any problem.

    Alright, I sent him a text. If he's still awake, and if it went through, I should be talking to him. If nothing goes on in 15-30 minutes I'll let you know.

    Is he herei n Vegas now?

    Is he actually doing anything tomorrow? Or since it's midnight, I should say later today.

    There's actually a tournament here at the arcade. The monthly actually. If he isn't filling out some type of professional or private obligation he should come and enter/play with us!

    Can he send/receive texts too? I can give you my # and we can talk over some of the details if he can.

    Nice! I've pretty much finished applying to college (going to A&M) and I believe I've snagged a scholarship that will pretty much pay for my college, so I'm on cloud nine right now.

    Tourney in Kingsville?
    Yo bro, long time no speak. We need to play again sometime soon man! How's life been treating you? (It's Guest by the way.)
    Alrighty, I'll do it tomorrow or sometime on the break when I can play. Hope to see you on soon ;)
    And the HA thing. While it's working out online, offline that'll get me punished.

    I'd roll less, but half the time I'd just get hit by whatever I'm rolling from <.< I'll try to work on that, but :urg: regardless.
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