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Exceladon City

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    anytime this week aside from monday is fine.
    was busy all day today, sorry :/
    Send me a pm with the images you want. I'm a bit backed up with school work and other siggs. So I don't have time to image hunt.
    Hey man have you had any time to get that match of Hilt and I uploaded yet? If you've still got it I would love to get that video up on youtube.
    yeah it definitely is

    gonna be going for those frankfort guys? :p

    yep, it's on record showing you were misbehaving very badly and are never to be trusted by anyone on the boards
    well like 30% of people smoke, so a third I guess :p

    yep yep

    that was because he made me change Teczero into Tecotaco and I told him at the time only if I could change his name later when he wasn't prepared :p
    well yeah but that's natural anyway stress or not lol

    guess we'll just disagree on that one :p

    I never troll ;_;
    I don't know if I really do anything for stress relief, kind of weird now that I think about it.

    rPSI has a boyfriend lol, is a top, and not attractive via looks or personality imo lol

    not at all!
    yeah it really easy to get depressed with it all; it doesn't help that a lot of guys smoke due to the stress; not an attractive habit

    yeah, hence the :-x

    that conscience is that ridiculous personality flaw that nobody was telling you about until now!
    yeah, it's really easy for that happen; I feel a lot of gays are self-conscious due to the mass amount of hit and miss (emphasis on the miss) that happens

    bi guys gets you like fuelbi :-x

    drop that conscience yo
    don't use my hands and feet for counting ):< although yeah that's one of the things that really makes being gay hard lol

    and gez so cruel

    and my way would be much less obvious if you did it the right way

    yeah that is always disappointing. justin actually did turn me down at first :p

    and yeah, splet = top so you pretty much got auspher and gatlin for your DR candidates

    still you rebounding either way lol

    wasn't even implying; was stated clearly! :D
    I knew him for like a year before I started to get a major crush on him. Funny how that ended up working out.

    Well in the disco room a web for single gays has the potential to catch like auspher, gatlin, and splet. lol

    find a super cool super straight guy for her and then rebound frankie obv

    go for it, he's always open to MMs; I don't mind that you wanna give my bf free money :D
    Definitely know the former; it is a lot to handle. Just is a happy medium I'd say, although he sometimes leans towards the later. But in my opinion he's been really good about making it easy to find how he likes to be interacted with in that regard.

    Frankie needs to learn girlfriends suck then obv. :p

    He is. He will always try his best to be really helpful, I like that a lot about him.
    Women are high maintenance yeah. I like having a guy who I'm able to support and such and all that, but who is also able to function independently on his own. It's nice.

    Is he back in South Africa now I assume?

    And yeah, I like Justin cause he is just a normal guy; none of the stereotyped gay stuff. He's just a good person.
    It's funny because I would have had an easier time if I were straight; but I'm pretty content being gay anyway, so nah.

    He's bisexual, had girlfriends before. I'm his first boyfriend though.
    yeah, people think being gay is easy sometimes, it ain't lol

    yes, Justin has been an awesome boyfriend for me :D
    You're lost there. That is also a problem. There are tons of bottoms but they aren't worth pursuing a relationship with since they are usually just in it to get into your pants or not attractive.

    So depressing; I'm happy I don't have the deal with that currently and hopefully never again. lol
    I mean, they are more than half the time anyway. There are more bottoms than tops I feel lol.
    Excel got some major shade. Adele with Set Fire To Your Favs and all will be slayed, complete with snatched wigs, in the Adelecaust.

    Whatever works.
    excel obv #pressed

    eh, in today's age a college diploma is how a GED was 20 years ago; education inflation and all that jazz.
    yeah they usually are similar to him; I only use most of that lingo during music talk.

    and until fourth grade I was in a ghetto IPS school; was usually the only non-black in my class
    no worries my **** is pretty racist as well as that's prob the number of black guys I've ever considered lol.

    and I always had you as a blacker-than-kid goggles but still white person.
    Nope, out of witty responses, I can ban though! :D

    But no one lives near you, why would I know someone from not-Chicago, IL? Besides I dunno what you're interested in anyway :p
    eh, like everything else, it boils down to the person if they're likable or not
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