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Exceladon City

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  • FAIL. cmon, its not that much money. save up some birthday money or something :D
    Team name sounds good
    My Zelda is decent, I'd rather play Falco though...lives longer (fast faller + higher weight) and has quicker projectile. This will work out well though; Zelda/Sheik + GW, Falco + GW, Fox + Marth, Marth + GW...yeah we're good lol

    EDIT: don't forget you're paying for meeeee
    I guess I'm just going to play Marth, the best of my chars in doubles

    I might need you to play GW in some games though, in which I'll switch to Falco (bucket)

    BTW Our team name is "Banana Oreos" (reference to your tag + a joke about my ethnicity - most ppl who don't know me assume I'm half white/half Chinese b/c I have good English)
    well i've been the only peach and Zelda/sheik in the past 2 tourneys i've been too lol. i saw some other Foxs in friendlies, but Shugo mains Sonic so i was technically the only Fox for tourney match too.

    i really wanted to go though D:
    Nothing really prompted it. I just figure money matches are the best way for people to improve, outside of tourney matches, as there's pressure.
    i dont play fox online anymore but if you wanna do some dittos sure why not, talk to me on aim when u wanna play

    Well you heard RIGHT! best sonic in the nation right here! and do you wan't me to teach you about sonic?
    Uair, Uair, Uair... Other foxes use dair but thats incorrect... its the move that finishes that fastest, which is Uair
    Unfortunately I have my audition at Indiana this weekend so I won't be there. I should be at the one in Springfield though. I'm also going to the tournament in Dayton next weekend if everything goes according to plan.
    Sorry dude, but I can't do anything this weekend, I have a close friend's b day party to go to. (lol so many tournaments happening this week and I can't go to any of em T_T.)
    lol curiosiuty Brought Me Here, I Mean Look at Our Names XD (excluding the Excel Part)
    hes probably not, his wifi is apparently broken, and his wii hardly works offline half the time anyway.
    yeah, sorry, can't right now, i have sunday morning chores and church and stuff, but definitely sometime
    Ha, you didn't mean just last night, did you? Sorry, but I went to bed.

    If you still want to wifi sometime, my FCs 1633-5610-4636
    I'm going to be at a college audition that day unfortunately. I'm a busy guy. Not getting to many tournaments lately (except for tiny ones I'm hosting at my school lol.) Hopefully I'll see you at midwest circuit sometime.
    Yeah that'd be great. Hopefully I'll make it to Morehead. No guarantees though. But yeah, plenty of tips I'm sure I can give you.
    "Hey, I've been hunting around trying to figure out how to cancel the lag on Sonic's D-Air and I don't know if it auto cancels or is there something I need to do to make it cancel.
    Any advice?" as said by oreo in the sonic forum

    ummm you do know i main sonic right? and that i know just as much as they do right?
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