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  • Yo, you wanna team for Hilt's tourney? I've pretty much dropped Sonic but my MK's probably the best there is. :^)
    Seriously, if you throw someone into the air, I can Shuttle Loop and kill them at like 80%.
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    Yes I do. I don't think I will be staying for singles though. So we can wreck doubles and stuff.
    Alright. Sounds good.
    This avatar is actually from a picture pack of the first game that you can purchase through DLC. I got it from my Xbox account since I also use it as my Xbox Live picture.
    That wouldn't be a bad idea. You could do $5 Venue and $5 for signups, or just do $5. Doing both a venue and signup fee would make the payout be good, especially since there will be people driving from different areas for it. And anything higher might be more expensive. So yeah, that's probably your best bet, haha.
    i still play him a lot. hes jus in the back pocket now. now ppl are in quite a mess when it comes down to bans. do you ban FD bc falco AND ICs own there or do u ban japes? lolZ mindgames
    Got Ashley's wii over at my house, if you get this before the tourney tomorrow, she wants to wifi you.
    alright i saw it and ill tell you what i think

    while its always great to be technical you obviously need more practice before you loop any arrows in real combat while looping is pretty situational in general its good to know because the more tech skill you have the more options you have

    one of my favorite uses of arrow looping is to bait an airdodge (or a GnW bucket or anything for that matter)

    also when your in range try using u-tilt while it has a very short range its a great fast attack that launches then above you oh and the hitbox comes out on frame 2 which is the fastest of his attacks the next closest thing i believe is d-tilt and jab which come out on frame 4 i believe

    your arrow to f-smash kill was very nice

    other than that not too much pit related stuff you need to work on just be more precise with your moves like for example i saw you were facing away from him when f-smashing or d-tilting or something like that

    something you should try is Nair on a sheild and then a u-tilt once you hit the ground if im correct its near unpunishable if their sheilding and will weaken their sheild severely and you will probably get a hit

    also some of your core moves should be

    but learn the rest of his moves because basicly every move of pits has its moments learn them and when to use them itll come naturally

    post this on the video thread as well i probably missed alot of things that some of the better pits may pick out
    i would still reccomend going to the pit boards just check out the threads like matchup discussion and moveset analysis
    ok well best of luck to you

    if you want to study up his metagame go to the pit boards it will basicly tell you how hes played (even if the pit boards are probably the most unorganized boards around)
    Ashley's coming over for wifi tomorrow or something.
    And I totally have a handicap now. Splinted arm >:I
    She said Lexington, but she was gonna move in with one of our friends.
    His parents don't want Bryan living on his own yet, so he has to wait a while.
    If Ashley still moves down to Kentucky it won't be until later, like a year or something.
    LOL, I just realized that it was almost half a month ago that you were asking about one. But if you still want one, just let me know..
    Planetrenders.net; Adobe Photoshop CS2; Some custom patterns; Court-Records.net. Viola done. lol.

    Honestly I think my sig sucks. I just wanted something different other then the generic peach signature.

    The time I get on smash varies. I'm usually on in the evenings.
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