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  • okie dokie.

    at least we have TKD :p

    I play Fox more than Kirby now, it's crazy dude. CRAZY.
    oh ok sweet.

    you not going past 1000 huh?

    oh you will.

    you willlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


    bring megaplox into the fox community here, he's really good, isn't he?

    ive been monitoring his progress kinda on aib ladder after i saw he got into the playoffs
    np. A friend of Pierce and Umbra's is a friend of mine. I don't know if Pierce has a ride who might team with me in low tier doubles though.
    Hey. If you are able to get to Umbra's house by like 11 then I can give the two of you a ride. Tell him though
    Hey Rookie...
    Just a quick question, I know you have plenty of Lucarios you play, what do you personally think the MU goes, since the fox boards as of recent are acting slightly "skewed"?
    sup bro, i got your message on youtube, and I posted this before but you probably didn't see it. but anyways you or tusm never called me to record your set so that's not uploaded bro :/
    yo rookie i go tmy connection fixed lol cuz i go tmy router back so it shoul dlag alot less also do u play b+ online?
    happy belated ^_^

    just messaging you to see if your going to SNES, Canada plans on making the trip so hopefully we can play =]
    Yeah me to ima be at the next brawl@ the mall whenever that is though lulz
    Yo Rookie ggs and sorry about yesterday with the lag and stuff i wasnt using my routers connection thing and my dad was like mad @ me for some ghey reason so he unplugged my wii and took it lulz xD i cant wait till i get my own place though
    The only name i remember is XyZ and as u can see, since I dont know if XyZ is playing anymore then u might guess it was like a couple of months ago. The thing is that its an error to judge all Puerto Ricans just because u can beat ur puerto rican friends... Come to Puerto Rico where the good puerto rican competition is being held.

    So far 2 of our best players are going to Genesis and dont get me wrong, we aint expecting firs place, but we will get some good placings alright :)

    Peace out.
    I just read your post on the Best Fox player ever and i noticed you are Puerto Rican :D. Well Im Puerto Rican too and I am living in PR now. So far 3 very good and well known americans have come to play and none have won against us lol.

    Wanna bet again if we are bad or horrible players?? haha
    Yeah man, I hear you. I can wait to get out of this math class. I want to work full time again. Where do you work right now?
    hey rookie, just a suggestion, that wifi character match-up thread, you should organize it by character rather than player.

    "diddy kong" -

    "list of players"

    blah w/e just ignore me.

    ill put this in the thread too if you don't check your vm's
    you are honestly, my favorite fox player. i main fox, and people say i'm pretty good with him. i'd appreciate if you'd give me some tips?

    i just need some pointers on how to be unpredictable, since i already know enough about at's and the such.
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