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  • idk why you said I was the best MI Wolf xD I haven't used him since late 2008

    you outplaced me AND beat both Gio and Coco last weekend. Good Stuff <3
    Not me at all. I am not that good >_> But Dark Louis has improved a bit. That would be a sweet match to see :p
    You mean tutorial vids?
    If you scroll down past the Singles and Doubles section, you'll find the library of videos concerning tutorials and the like.

    A Table of Contents. :3c
    Haha thanks. I wanna play all the Wolfs. JJ is traveling across the country in December and will prob go through Michigan since he's going to Illinois to play Kain =O.

    Also look at Kains vids too. He's been winning tourneys frequently and he plays good.
    I wasn't necessarily being serious, I'm too worried one of us would break down if we lose. I think 5 dollars would be more reasonable.
    Have fun lurking :3

    And what AtotheZ said lol, I promise I won't lock it too quickly if it's a joke thread xD
    Make it a joke thread. Make it good later on. "Press over b and you have a 1/100 chance of canceling it and it takes a superhuman reaction time not to suicide from it".
    with the pools and such, its ******** and will probably happen. Pools get you more matches, but in reality you will probably get second seed, then face a PR, where you are most likely to lose. Being that your friends will most likely get second seed, it is likely you'll face one of them in losers.... gay. Pools are quite annoying.
    From friendlies all day yesterday I realized I only need dedede and wario. I also beat most people without chaingrabbing that much or not at all. I'm only using wario for ghey things like lain or when someone clearly knows how to play me.
    Dedede stays vs wolf.

    Basically I'm saying I'm dropping my other characters because that's what cost me bracket seeding.
    Yo, what is the recording device you use? How much was it and does it work well? Where could I get one? :D
    Hey jimbo can you link me to some of your vids. I like studying all the wolfs for more combos, mindgames, and etc...
    Your Wolf was pretty good too, definitely better than Seagull's (shhh!) xD

    Although, it was hard to punish on WiFi. After a Fair or Bair, I could usually (say 80% of the time) expect a Fsmash, gotta watch that. (I'm sad that it took me 2-3 matches for me to figure that out D= ) So yeah.... but what do I know? I suck xD
    Central is a fairly easy school to get in. I got in with a 2.8 and my ACT score wasn't the best. As for woman, I'd say you'd like the campus :p. There are plenty great single girls around these parts. CMU is a party college and you can't do that without some crazy women. I speak metaphorically, physically and mentally. The smash scene... Eh. I mean, as far as I know I'm the only on in Mt. Pleasant who travels for smash competitively. There is a group here at CMU called Big Shot Gaming who do host a smash tourney with their semester LAN parties, I was in it for a while and determined to get them to use the SBR ruleset, but it cut in with my other interests. I've been meaning to talk to a venue here called GameGo and see if they would allow me to host a Smash Tourney though. Maybe I'll get on that soon enough. I'm a Junior, but like I said, had to put that on halt to make some money :p
    Yeah I do, I'm off for a semester though so I can make a little extra cash to help pay off loans. Why? Looking into going here or something?
    ON GYGO? Noooo! ****, I'm sorry :p. Where are you heading? Well, maybe next time theres a tourney in the area.
    Yo, Jcav! I was wondering if you were going to G.Y.G.O on the 15th. If you were, I was thinking I could come down the day before and we could have a small smashfest to ready up for it! This is all assuming that you live in, or around AA. Let me know!
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