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  • Ooh, that's pretty cool. I'm interested in some neuro/psych/human behavior stuff myself, I might get put in a Saturday program for it (depending on what slots are free). If I end up there, I'll be sure to send you any interesting links I come across ;D
    Nice ;D I've got a bunch of friends applying to UCLA, don't know why I didn't apply =/ but yeah, same here with CA's government failing hard... I hear UCB teachers take one out of every ten days off because the school can't pay them :< Do you have any idea what you want to do in college yet, premed maybe?
    No idea yet, I don't hear back from any of these places (besides my state college, which is my safety school) until March/April :<

    Do you have any idea where you'd like to apply yet? I have a friend who's a junior and I sent them this site, it really helps you get a feel for what a college is like in my opinion. Check it out if you're curious about some schools :) http://collegeprowler.com/
    I wish there was a function on youtube where all Rick Roll vids are disabled once you sign in :<
    What Asaph said.

    Also, it'll be a while before I update that thread >_> Maybe on the weekend, since marching band is over.
    alright man, im off to bed

    i like your wolf

    wifi johns, they cut out a huge part in my ledge game but same goes to you so no jonhs about that
    You're lucky, Arc. I SO want to be in the DH, but... My... Hot-headedness... Prevents it. >_>

    ...Two wolves must be allied... *clicks 'befriend ArcPoint'*
    i wanna talk to you about a few things, if you have a chance could you meet me on aim?
    hey man, havent talked in a while but i got a question and i figured that you are always the right guy to ask so...

    this vid really confused me


    im confused basically for which aerial move you would do with wolf if you get hit vertically. i thought that back air was always the best solution but im really confused...

    i feel kinda embarrassed for asking this too lol
    "Third off: Candy has a good Mario. "

    That's what you wrote in the Wolf video thread...but it's actually Boss using Candy's tag

    Oh gawd, I'm East Coast, Virginia. I have a tourny saturday too. We could try on sunday? If there is lots of lag then we could just quit.
    He it's me, from the debate hall. Just wondering if you did wifi, and if you do, would you want to play sometime?
    K go to social groups at the bottom it says make new group or something, then click that and put in the name and description then make it invite only and make it so people can't see the posts if they aren't in the group, it's a box you gotta check. Good Luck!
    To get into the Debaters, just go to your User CP, and then go to group memberships on the left side-bar, and then after that you click "join group" next to where it says "Debaters" and then click join groups at the bottom of all of the options, and then it will ask you why and then just write why you should be in and they'll get back to you soon.
    sorry man, some stuff came up over here and i dont think ill be able to get on tonight
    Hey, Join the Ragnaroks Impact. We are a SSBB clan/crew. It would be very much appreciated.
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