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Man of Popsicle

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  • I stepped down because of class and work. ;c

    Maybe I'll mod again someday. :3
    Why are you going to get banned? :p I have yet to see you do something really bad.

    And LOL to the picture!
    I guess, even though it's pretty late.

    The dude I was Brawling with wouldn't let you join x_x
    You seem to have improved a bit.

    I'm trying to learn Sheik, she's fun.
    My Wii overheats so fast, I can't even really brawl on it. The time it takes to get on Wifi like, kills me lol.
    They host 'em right here in Syracuse. It's mad easy for me to get to them, and everyone is quite good (We get San and Snakeee there from time to time, and they are very good).
    So? Friendlies are meant to be fun. I never take wifi like, super seriously that'd be really weird. It's not a determinant of skill haha.
    I'm actually about to go to bed dude....and my wii keeps over heating. Once I fix that and maybe in the afternoon, we'll play. I'd love to.
    Daw, I just missed ya. We'll have to play sometime.

    BTW, I been making steady money placing 2nd at local Smashfests. $5 a fest, not bad right? Lol
    I'm pretty sure he'd figure out you were joking fairly soon though.
    Lawl I don't really care for Magnezone. The picture just made me lawl. IMMA GET MAH REAL POKEMAN OUT.
    You're not BAD, no, but you could use some work.

    Just like I could when I started playing with Icosahedron a little more than a year ago, lol
    I had Mudkip + Pikachu in Time, Meowth + Squirtle in Darkness, and Riolu + Pikachu in Sky. I knocked out Dialga in two hits, he was that easy with my team.
    I like exploration teams a lot better. You save people AND find treasure.

    Reviver Seeds are the best part of this game. Never start a game with Pikachu as a partner. He makes the game too easy.
    I didn't think about that until now.

    I always get Wigglytuff's theme stuck in my head.
    It's from the Japanese Meteos Website; a Boggobian is cooking a person from Geolyte. There's some text up top too, but iono what it says.
    Just do your best and do what you can. Oh, I forgot to mention that you kept landing into most of my attacks when you could have simply evaded them. When you're knocked into the air or coming back to the stage, try your best not to attack you opponent head on. I was able to either block or dodge your attack and punished you for doing so. So if I hit you were hit up into the air, don't come down with a down air. It can work if the opponent likes to dodge a lot, but if you do this, you'll most likely get grabbed.

    Anyway, try not to choke up. When you fight good players, that'll happen, but you'll get used to it over time. I'm not claiming I'm good by the way. I'm just saying. Your D3 was making a comeback, though, which surprised me. Another thing you want to do, that I noticed you doing with Falco, Fox and Snake is spacing better.
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