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  • Yeah whenever tomorrow is good just let me know what's up msg me with s time that's good for u
    Not tolu any bad times I'm out at the farmers market right now buy I should be back 2-3 but I'll keep you updated. As far as th interview goes, what are you looking for exactly
    Hey probably no fest today just cause frannie is busy and I haven't told anybody but if u wanna Come over tomorrow for some 1v1 prac for Troy I could definitely use it we haven't gotten any really good practice together in awhile. You can bring whoever. My cell is 757 675 0546 also as for the interveiw thing we can do it over aim or facebook or in person if you come over, whatever is needed
    Hey are you coming this weekend? and if so who are you bringing? Gonna be a big fest before everyone goes back to school and whatnot!
    its all good. Yeah usually after i attend a big national tournament i get so pumped to practice and get better. Cause its either i realize that all the players arent that far ahead of me, or i realize that im pretty far behind and i need to catch up. Either way it always makes me pumped to play. Bring who you can, the more the better
    Your lucky! You get to go to smash fests every week! I barely go to any offline tournaments. I wish I can go to a lot of tournaments and smash fests like you!
    Hey i need you to do me a favor. There are some kids not on the attendance list for Syracuse Smash 3 tournament. And i was wondering if you can find out rather or not there going or may be interested in going. That way we can expand the attendance list and attract more players. These are the people id like for you to confirm. Killer Banjo, Dahrem, B-T-K, and frostbite. Thanks!
    hey if a ride is an issue acton is offering to come pick you up and drop you off if you need a ride let me know
    Hey are you coming out today? hopefully you can make it! let me know! im throwing a tournament that will count towards the pr today. Which u need to be enter sense uve been inactive lately your close to falling off the PR. it'll be a 3 dollar entree fee if you wish to enter. Also there is a 1 dollar venue this time which will go to charity. Hopefully you will come! bring friends!
    ok so I guess dahrem isn't going anymore so if you're going, great! if not, =(
    Hey do you know if you're going to the tournament yet? Due to some whacky circumstances I got left out of a spot in frannie's car. I'm also asking dahrem so whoever responds first, I guess.
    Hey fest this Friday night and tournament on Saturday at Rochester. You should definitely come out to both if you can. tournament will definitely be cheap. only 5 $ to enter brawl singles and no venue fee at all. and also 5$ if you enter brawl doubles. Contact me if your coming out to these.
    Im afraid ill be in florida for the mlg next weekend so no smash fest. Does that mean you wont be up at RIT for the tournament this weekend either?
    You leet theres a fest today. Some of the people from rochester are coming out. Jesse San Dr. Grandpa, You should definetly make it out tonight. Comeover whenever you want some people are gonna be here soon and some later. get practice for the RIT tournament!
    1337, If there is a fest friday, do you think you can pick me up? Cause if not, then I won't be able to make it. I'll still be able to make the tournament though.
    Just So you know my address has changed.
    1526 East Genesee Street
    Syracuse NY 13210
    Im only like 3 mins from my old apartment so it shouldnt be a problem look forward to seeing you there!
    yo are you going to be at the fest this weekend? I wanna do doubles practice! Particularly on hanenbow, cause I absolutely love that stage as a cp XD
    Hey man, I'm sorry your stuff got stolen. I wish I could do something but I have no money. But if you ever need to practice, you can come over to my house.
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