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Man of Popsicle

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  • Things I noticed when fighting you were one, you roll a lot. Two, you attempt to grab a lot making it obvious and giving me the opportunity to punish you soon after. The last thing I noticed, with your Ness anyway, was that you use PKT2 at unnecessary times. An example would be when you can make it back to the stage without your PKT2 and you end up using your PKT2 anyway. Other than that, I blame part of it for lag. Oh and tone it down a bit on your grounded PKF.
    It's almost 12:00 pm. I'm on right now. Go into the wifi xat chat on the Ness boards.
    I'm beginning to think keyblade bearer 430 plays a better Ness than you.

    I think I may be frightened.
    It works if the opponent is stupid enough to keep DIing into it/recovering into it. No offense lol

    Don't think it works on tethers though.
    It's not bad.

    I've found that FAir is still amazing, BAir is good stuff, so is UAir, NAir is cool, DAir is awesome for spikes.

    Also aerial PKT2 after a juggle and DTilt walls at the edge. Learned that from a video against a pitiful Falco.
    Squirtle is pretty high tier.
    Charizard is low middle.
    Ivysaur is low.
    What is your avatar? It's slightly creepy.
    I can't remember tbh
    For some reason I think it was MK but that's not right.

    Oh yeah it was PT. lol
    I loled when you won with Ness on PS2. Not that it's a bad Ness, but I got BLASTED.

    Good games.
    I didn't really get that chance and I'm sorry. I went to my nephew's Birthday party today.
    If we get to play this weekend, I'll probably only be able to play you on Saturday. I have to go to my nephew's birthday on Sunday, so I'm not sure how long that'll be.
    Well if you can tech walls and stuff, then it may help. I was fighting my friend and my brother one night on Shadow Moses Island. I was using Ness, my friend was using Snake and I think my brother was using Samus or Pit. Well I was on the very top of that stages platform. My friend did a uair on me and I teched the ground. I was around 230% at the time when I got struck and I didn't fly. I didn't hit the walls, either. I teched the ground I was standing on. So who knows, maybe you picked up some of that.
    You'd be surprised. I've been losing to people I shouldn't have all day.
    I'm not playing for the rest of the day. I got upset losing all day long. I decided to just take a break. I'll be able to play tomorrow though. And yes, the FC is still the same. I too am rusty. :(
    Yes it is. But it's not mine and I can't randomly play it anytime I want. :/
    Alright. If you have AIM, IM me at Sir McSnappleton. I'll brawl you specifically for teh lolz. Hope you like Ness dittos.
    "shffl l cancel stuff"

    lol, SHFFL stands for Short Hop Fast Fall L-Cancel. No need for 2nd L-Cancel.

    Not this time bro, sorry. I take my fighter games seriously, and I obviously can't do that with Brawl. I said I'd friendly you sometime, but don't expect anything amazing out of me, I'm trying not to lose my tech skill.

    Dude, I quit Brawl. I'm back in Melee again, and maining Ness/Mewtwo/Falcon now. I've been mastering the Yo-Yo glitch and I absolutely love Deathline Grabbing. Maybe I'll get on Brawl one day to friendly you for the lawlz, but not for now, I don't want to ruin my tech skill, it's pretty low and I need to remaster my DJC combos.
    I've been playing some Brawl at my friends house a few times a day. I'm not sure how well I'll be whenever I get to play wifi, though. I was able to play one match one night and almost got three stocked but managed to win because my opponent accidentally SD'd on his second stock. I got desperate and went for a dair spike soon after, thus making me win the match.

    In terms of pokémon type, I'm pretty diverse, but my one weakness is my love for special attackers. :p
    Not in 4th gen, although I probably have just enough Pokémon for a UU team, although I can't be 100% sure of that.

    I'm pretty much an OU ***** because I like dragons and stuff, lol.
    The key to keeping it alive is to play regularly.

    My cartridges are still working like new. :3
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