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Neon Ness
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  • I still love you for making my amazing sig. <3
    Neon Ness
    Neon Ness
    Oh yeah, the Falco one, haha wow that seems like such a long time ago.
    It was kinda :p
    How you gonna change your avatar to Dual Destinies when I didn't even know about Dual Destinies until three days ago
    Unmodded? Felt like a change?

    Hehe, hope it feels right for you. Wb to not having godly powers over the forum! :D
    Good good, I' use to have a account here but I think it got dumped, idc I prefer this one. I don't want to pester him because I don't know what they are doing at the moment. but the thing is, I see them on the site commenting on others post and not even looking at their thread in the artwork section.
    agreed, I don't want to do that. So how's the site been doing? I've been gone from Smash for serveral years playing Call of Duty and being in team tournaments.
    Yo brotherm I guess Star doesn't want to do my sig, I've been asking all around and it seems sigs are dead here.
    Thanks for the help.

    It seems to be a class that's going to require much attentiveness, and tons of note taking.

    He wants us to take 2 sets of notes. There's going to be a piece we will discuss. In class he will go through the Political Economic view of the piece and I'm to take notes form the text which speaks on it in the Fine arts perspective.

    I'll get into it. I'm just worried is all. :)
    I am currently taking a class that goes by the title The Dimensions of Art.

    The instructor has gone on about speaking of art as not how one views it, but as how the Fine Arts perspective views a piece, and how the Political Economy views the same piece.

    Thing is, I am having some difficulty grasping what it is he is trying to relay to me. Reason why I'm bringing this is is I'm hoping you would know something about it.
    Thanks for the help! I'd love some extra input on the characters I've listed.
    Happy anniversary, you.

    You haven't been here nearly as long as I thought you would have.
    To be honest, I didn't know who was accepting them, lol. i was just given the impression I was since Yink was asking me when she should send hers to me. lol

    If it's Virg who'll collect them, that's perfectly fine. But hey! I wouldn't mind taking a look at what you have anyway so I could see where to go with mine. :)
    If you don't mind, PM me your judge results to me when you get the chance to do them.

    No rush, though. :)
    Well, The outlining lines were made intentionally that way.

    But I believe you did give me an interesting Idea that I'll look into in a little bit. Thanks.
    Uhhhh...any chance you can forward that PM to me so I can see what you wrote? I'm trying to figure out what to write right now.
    Hey...have you done the judging for this week's spiriting contest in the PC? I completely forgot about it till now. =/
    Sup again, Neon.

    I was thinking of maybe extending the deadline. Virg isn't against it. I'm just not sure how far to push it.

    Need some input, bro.
    Sounds like we may be set, if you're cool.

    When I'm done with getting my car ready for the road, I'll take the time to edit the OP from the original AWYP and post it up.

    So this is what we got -

    Theme: Nemesis

    Date of deadline: Tentative, but roughly April 22

    Prize: 1st:Custom title, Paintbrush, Choose theme of next as well as Judge. 2nd: Custom title and Paintbrush. 3rd: Paintbrush.

    Judges: You, Yink, Lokii, Xiivi, and I.

    I think we're pretty stacked.
    Oh, I know the point of it. Just trying to add to incentives.

    I still want to join, even if I am judging.
    Well, how I was seeing it was, IF we spread the postbit among that many people, and considering the number of folks that even come to AE, that would saturate our regulars pretty quickly if we do these contests more often. Then, what do we have to offer those who already have the postbit, yet made it into top 3?

    UNLESS, we could stack the same postbit on the user. I seen that been done before . . .
    Well, it's just a postbit and the original topic touted rewarding people with not just the postbit, but an orange name as well. Plus a custom title (but alot of people have paid for premium, so that has lost its luster, imo). I think maybe we should separate the two? Postbits aren't as easy to obtain as custom titles (lol you can pay to have it) so I was thinking of putting the custom title as 3rd prize, place the postbit on 2nd and 1st prize, and keep the ability to become a judge and choose the theme for the next as the 1st prize.

    That's all I'm sayin'. Or maybe I could see if I could get the administrators to add in Premium for a month or something to one of the prizes.
    Well good. Maybe you could help in deciding a theme.

    Yink threw out the idea Nemesis. What the word means, or could mean. I thought that was interesting and would like to see it. Of course, she came up with other ideas, but that one struck me well.

    Also - an edit in reward will probably need to happen. I mentioned it to virg, but no response.

    That and a date should be decided before a topic is put up.

    Speaking of - should I make the topic, or should it be done by someone else?
    Would you like to judge?

    If you do, that will make you, Xiivi, Lokii, Yink, and I. Pretty stacked list, yes?

    Let me know! :)
    Ha ha. Alright. Just wondering since you said you were able to change the face expression. x)
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