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  • I heard you were a northern mi smasher. We have a northern Michigan topic in the regional subforum. We were trying to get some sort of scene going in the TC area.
    Red Shirt KRT
    Red Shirt KRT
    I've been playing mostly smash 4 for 3ds right now. I am going to get it for wiiU soon. I've played both brawl and melee as well. I think smash 4 and melee are my favorites.
    Yeah the last one I hosted had a bad turnout due to the weather. I even had rooms rented for frre at the grand traverse resort.
    Have you tried project m? Its pretty good but yeah i like melee and smash 4 right now. I have it for both wiiu and 3ds, also add me on facebook its a lot easier to get a hold of me. I can even add you to the northern michigan facebook group. Www.facebook.com/rsr123
    Oh. ;_;. Maybe you could post in the facebook group or on the gencon forums?
    D:. It won't be that bad I'm sure. It'll be fun!

    Are you going to be able to get there? Car troubles can be pretty bad ;-;.
    I can't drive unfortunately ;-;. My dad takes me. He'll be very schedule bound :/.

    I'll add you though and we can talk maybe?
    He ousted me at the last tournament I went to... but with Snake :p

    His Wolf was always good though, I'm sure he's improved. I'm going to ask my friends this weekend if they'll be willing to drive out for that tourney, I'd really like to go!
    Oh yeah, I've been inactive for a while, so we need to find out who's the best Wolf in MI :D
    Hey rsr! Any news on the rooms? It's alright if you don't want to give up one of your rooms for the year just let me know cause we'll be booking another room soon if not. Can't wait for this weekend!
    You must have had something come up. I've had the smash wifi up since 4 MST and am going to get off. I'll check SWFs and if we're both on we can still wifi :) . Leave a message when you can.
    Alright that's around 4pm for me. I'll try to have a room setup and have your FC entered so join when you are able. Or send a message if something doesn't work.
    I'll wifi with you. Leave me a visitor message saying when. Most times today should work. I added your FC.
    Awesome! Let me know as soon as you know otherwise we'll just book another hotel room! Too pro rsr!
    Hey! Quick question regarding the three free rooms you have at the grand tranverse. First off. How'd you come by them? giving three rooms away is very kind of you. Also. Are they only for one night? and does it matter what night? Lastly. Um. I feel really weird asking, but may I take one off you hands? haha! As I mentioned in the tourney thread I am heading there with my girlfriend and we plan on staying a couple days. A free night at the Grand Traverse hotel would be wonderful! Especially considering its our anniversary weekend. If you are willing to house us for a night please let me know what we need to do to grab one of these rooms!
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