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Recent content by rsr2

  1. rsr2

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    The only thing I consider a nerf on Wolf are his taunts. Down taunt is hilarious to me so I plan on using that quite a bit. Also I am having a lot of fun playing Wolf when I can. I do not have a switch at the moment but I do plan on playing regularly at the events I host. Hopefully my old...
  2. rsr2

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    I'm going to a fest at a friends place then I might play at an event the next day. Sadly I do not have a switch so this is all I can do for a bit ; _ ;
  3. rsr2

    Northern Michigan Smashers?

    Hey there, my name is Randall and I TO 95% of the events up here in Northern Michigan. The best way to figure out when everything is happening is through the facebook group Northern Michigan Smash which you can find here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/259553334245953/ Plus I am hosting an...
  4. rsr2

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    Saaaaaaame. That's my Brawl color!
  5. rsr2

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    Oh same. I would have been so bummed out. But legit this is the most excited I have been about a game release since Halo 3.
  6. rsr2

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    Oh man, all of the old Wolf mains are coming back! This is going to be sick!
  7. rsr2

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    I am beyond excited! Guess I need to get another tattoo with the new render!
  8. rsr2

    Smash's Most Prestigious Fall Event Has Been Announced

    I cannot wait! Went to 4 and 6 and hoping to bring a big group from Northern Michigan down!
  9. rsr2

    Midwest Ice Storm Gaming Presents: Battle at the Bay 9!

    Ice Storm Gaming Presents a new Bi-weekly series hitting Northern Michigan at The Grand Traverse Mall! This will be Smash 4, and Melee singles and doubles event! Venue fee: $5 Melee and Smash 4 Doubles: $10 per team Melee Singles: $5 Smash 4 Singles: $5 MKXL: $5 Schedule: Venue opens - 11am...
  10. rsr2

    Midwest Battle at the Bay 3 (Northern Michigan Bi-Weekly!)

    Hey everyone! This is a new Bi-Weekly series I am hosting up here in Northern Michigan! There will be no Doubles at this event due to the lower turnout at the last event but if we get more people then I will gladly host Doubles in the future! Venue fee: $5 Melee Singles: $5 Smash 4 Singles: $5...
  11. rsr2

    Midwest Grand Traverse Smash 5

    I will try to host this every month. We also have a bigger event roughly every month called Don't You Dair so I am sure you will have a chance around then to play. If not Smashfest!
  12. rsr2

    Midwest Grand Traverse Smash 5

    The next event for the Grand Traverse Series! We will be playing Smash 4 and Super Smash Brothers Melee. Singles and doubles for both games. $5 Venue Fee Venue Fee will be waived if a full set up is brought and needed Events: Melee Singles ($5 per entrant) Melee Doubles ($10 per team)...
  13. rsr2

    [Feb 27th, 2016] Don't You Dair 2 Results

    This tournament was awesome! Can't wait for the next one ^ _ ^
  14. rsr2

    Northern Michigan Smashers?

    Also if you guys haven't yet, follow the Northern Michigan Group page ^ _ ^ https://www.facebook.com/groups/259553334245953/
  15. rsr2

    Can't Let you cut me Sakurai, Wolf for DLC

    My main thing is to keep his shine. I felt that his shine was amazing! Pretty much just waiting for E3 so you won't see me post here all that much. But can't wait to see if he gets revealed because I have a good feeling he will. I have money it >_>
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