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Sparta Kick
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  • It's MK banned, and one day.

    I know you hate MK ban but this means that fraud MKs can't beat you in tournament >.>
    Thanks SK.

    Actually, you deserve congratulations more than I do. I remember when you were just a wifi player on Faux Finder too. Now, you're going in and you're probably one of the best in your state. I wish you'd travel lol. So good **** to you.
    Hey man, I was wondering if you and Oblivion are coming to my tournament this weekend. I have no idea if you are or not.
    Wifi tonight after 12 or tomorrow after 10? Ive been regaining my focus with Snake. Plus at some point I wanna refine our doubles stuff. I want to make this happen soon bro. We're going to be the most feared team in MI. ;)

    I know, so gay. He may actually get banned in dubs, or at least double MK. Too good.

    I was watching you on stream. IDK the tournament name though.

    It's sad, but your only chance vs. Double MK is for your team to go Double MK as well.
    Sounds good. I have a mm against dark louis so hopefully you can teach me beforw hat happens. Ill be teaming with mikey at rhis too.
    Preferably anything since 'm getting better at the ditto. Need to start learning more mu's.
    Ahh kk. I want to get some friendlies with you again. Been working on my mk and got some advice from others at SiiS5. :D
    Nature ahall me my guide in the trip to self improvement ;) lol seriously though I plan on making a bang this season. Just have to not be afraid to face my shortcomings (probably my biggest roadblock as a player). Everyone has them I suppose.But also yeah I'll come up with some more dynamic ideas for whenever we team. We're taking BAMF ;)

    And lol I only get 2 pranks a month so i had to decide who would appreciate it the most. I figured you'd enjoy a color change xD
    Yeah I'm at the point where I KNOW what I need to do so I'm thinking of ways to correct all my errors. I think thats just what I need to do in general. I dont think I've put enough time into actually acknowledging my habits and such both in doubles and singles.And soooo since my PSP has officially run out of battery life, Ive just been listening to my Mp3 in front of Lake Shupac thinking. Maybe Im going to be able to take something out of this trip after all.
    That troll response pretty much proves you know me well enough now lol

    And I have come to the conclusion that I am a giant city boy and it cant be helped.

    Lastly we have homework to do. We need to figure out how MK can reliably combo out of D3s BThrow. Ive had a LOT of time to think about stuff so I started thinking about Smash and that popped into my head. I want to win a doubles tournament and I know we have ability to do it. We just gotta fill in those small holes. But yeah start thinking about that.

    I shall return to meditating under the stars.
    Lol if L starts going to tournies again you might to bring back that Wolf ;)

    L_Cancel's Return: Wolf Strikes Back

    :awesome: lol

    I'll only bring back Snake if I see a reason to though. But ugh that wifi. I think I can tolerate it at least. I only played EC people last night anyway. Im pretty sure someone in MW would give me a much better connection.
    Man I tried it last night and well...its gonna take some getting used to..lol

    Im kind of tempted to revive my :snake: now tbh. That feeling is coming back again lol It happens every few months.

    And I'll try to get on this weekend. But you might destroy me lol
    Hey you're a pretty good player, and confidence in your ability is what will take you above and beyond everyone else. I always thought you had the ability to do so that's one of the reasons I try to help you as much as I can. So don't doubt yourself even for a second. Also Judge will more than likely not be here...its his birthday and knowing that kid he is not going to be able to sit down and play Brawl lol
    Alright then and no problem, Dan. This next tournament should be pretty interesting with Ohio coming out also. Shugo will be there so you'll get the chance to play him. Honestly you have a shot at beating him. His MK is pretty much at the exact level of Lain's. His Falco is beastly though. He's really good at conditioning.
    What was more funny is that the dream was in parts. Like I had part one and then I woke up at 2:18 am. Then I went back to sleep and it continued lol Then I woke up again at 4:00 on the dot. Then I went back to sleep and it continued again lol Its like TiVo XD. I have had so many weird *** Smash related dreams you have no idea lol

    Also will you/whoever comes with you need housing for TCSC3. I cant house Saturday since Judge's birthday party is that night at a club and we're partying allll night.
    Dude, I had this dream you wanted me to come all the way up to Alpena so we could go to a Wisconsin tournament lol. But I was unable to get a ride so I went to MLG Detroit...lol You called me and told me you were bored because you beat Ally easily lol. So then you had me enter as both me and you until you got to Detroit lol. It was such a weird dream XD
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