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  • Eh, I am a Colts/Broncos/Giants fan. My hate lies in despising the Patriots. Always cockblocking our way to the super bowl. Steelers are ugh annoying haha. Ravens fan eh? I used to live in MD and Ravens got some decent support. Thankfully more than the Deadskins.
    "Also shoutout to the Titans for beating the Steelers"

    I have no clue whether to be happy or sad at this. I dislike the Steelers but I dislike the Titans more. That was the game where they won by the field goal with 5 seconds left right? Man that poor Steeler's punter missing by a yard on his field goal. That was a real game of football that was close.
    So I don't know why I just noticed this but I aparantly pasted your post count and I remember thinking "Wow, I wonder how Inferno has such a high post count?".

    Random VM is random.
    sup brah. i remember you wanting to hydra and im down if you are. would you be interested in rajams game?

    Wow that would be so cool and fascinating. I love going to see symphonies. However I know it takes a lot of work to be in those so yeah haha.

    The ony thing I've worked with before was a Pit Orchestra and they worked their butt off and saved me a time or two for the musical haha.
    Sorry about not getting back to you in the sign-up thread but yeah I plan on being a Theatre Arts major haha. So you are a music major? That is insanely cool and mad respect for another art major.

    What type of music are you majoring in?
    hey so I'm sorry but you didn't really make it into the upick game :c I'm going to make a thread though for people to send in their picks, so feel free to look at it, and if someone else hydras you would be the first in line, would you want to be in the game then?

    edit: yeah Glyph will probably hydra with Sold if you want in! I hope you'll be active if you do join though :p
    lol was it really that easy?
    was i easy enough to find?
    i wont be there monday, i'm leaving monday morning
    how about you find me :3
    hold up O.o'....

    and pikachu is easy for me, i main marth lol. I so i can cancel alot of his stuff and outrange him
    Go Mk than :3

    Mk is everything, he is all you ever wanted, you can win a set now, even if you never wanted ^_^
    maybe because mario suggs marf D
    lol i hope so and.... marth still the best. You will give into him
    I remember you saying that you can help me out in the samus mu.
    I'd like to hear your advice & experience in the mu,
    Such as approaching etc.
    you wont win, i wont let you... like last time :3

    also, i might be at pound 5. So hope to see you there ^_^
    You tell me, I'm from Sykesville
    if you live near me, i can transport you everywhere. I will charge for gas though, sorry ^^'
    Nah Marth Da bes, when will i see you again? ^_^
    Hiya inferno, thanks for acceptin my request dude.
    I'm new here from all is brawl.
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