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  • Glad to hear it. Alright, we should definitely meet up before doubles starts and find some people for doubles practice. At some point before the tournament we could formulate some team strategies on skype if you want. Or if you'd rather use PMs on this site I'm perfectly fine with that too.

    I registered as Quest.
    Does it have blue ink around the cable around the part where it goes into the controller / has black whiteboard marker smudge on the backside of the d-pad?
    Yo. i cant seem to find the email/confirmation that you entered 1vs1 or mid+low 1vs1. can you forward that email to me or PM it to me so i can have proof you entered? was7x@hotmail.com
    Try to do it after this weekend coming up if you can, finding out my way of getting there by then
    Comp broke, hard drive wiped, yada yada yada, finally got a working one now. First time on in like... since christmas. Btw I like your new avatar.
    go big or go home, I notice you still need a teammate. you wanna team or try with beachigo or the other guy?
    Oh yeah, you got a 3ds right? You should add me on that little friend list, it'll be fun! And then download Swapnote so I can send you drawings.

    Mine: 5370-0577-8067
    We never did get to chat on aim again.

    Anyways, I just saw this video. Now I can use that move and it actually be good.
    well, I'm not looking for anyone else, so if you don't team with me just tell me because it won't be worth my time entering doubles
    So I got 2nd at my tournament yesterday. I had to beat a Wario-that I lost to pretty badly to second round of the winners-in the loser's finals. We were trading off counterpicks till 2-2. Last round, Yoshi's Island but at that point I had fought him enough so I was able to read him a lot easier and punish him for the win!

    Before that, I had to go up against a Marth, and it was 1-1, the last stock I had 100% to 50% and I had to beat him. I was lucky it was Yoshi's Island because of it's high ceiling cuz I would have died without it. Ended up punishing a downsmash for the kill.
    nah you just keep the money, i'm glad you had fun teaming with hylian. i wish i could have gone too...
    I'm pretty sure that they were too busy discussing the results of the Winter Game Fest where Trevonte beat TKD's METAKNIGHT to notice other tournament results. They had a not so productive discussion in the Fox power rankings thread.

    Sounds like you made the right decision at the tournament. So, I wouldn't say Tkd status just yet.

    I haven't seen many of the other Fox board regulars in a while. Only Iblis, Nakat, and me it seems are on. Do you like my Video thread I made?
    Ah! You scared me.

    Yesterday, I went to Flav's Fried Chicken and met the man himself along with eating some good fried chicken. Future plans this saturday, I'm hosting a mini-tournament in my dorm basement(without permission non the less). What have you been up to?

    I saw you went Metaknight a round at No Koast what happened there? :O
    are you coming?!?! well as of right now, if you are in mjg's car @ future's.
    if not, either altf4 place who may be only housing atomsk right now or jowii's as a backup.
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