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  • I will approve the tourney here shortly to be processed and then you'll see it on there. And the DB is going back to the beginning so any melee tournaments are welcomed. It is not for Brawl or SSB64 though.
    You are my hero. Yeah if you could, just upload it to the SSBPD. It takes three seconds and you don't have to have an account or anything. Did you also TO the first HD tournament? Cause we'd like that as well. And pretty much any other .tio file you have lol.
    Hey what's up. I was just wondering if you still had the .tio file for HD Remix. If you do lemme know please, I'm interested in getting it for the SSBPD.
    me and my friend were having a debate about it (he was watching our tetris set) and i was curious.

    i was a bit amused by the idea of a guy being as girly as possible so i'm slightly let down. lol
    I can house friday just fine. Saturday I can do but my family and I are going to church sunday morning so you guys would have to leave by 8:20 in the morning.
    Fudge... Hmm. I'll post in the KC Area Brawl Thread. I'm betting someone there has it.
    Clel's Voice: D@MN!
    Really? That's awesome. It beats staying in some nowhere state like KS. lol.
    Hi there. 'Wondering if you got your Puma bag back, yet. I gave it to Nicole, and she said she'd return it to you.

    BTW there was a little piece on this video that I'd like for you to put on youtube: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9959880

    It's 25 minutes into the video. You remember HD2 Remix and my little demo on SDI, don't you?
    Lol so what you are getting at is that you overlooked my point because of how I delivered it?

    People might not get the point of a post and only focus on the drama that will ensue.
    omfg owned

    Aw..don't get down on yourself. I'm sure you're doing a great job! ^_^
    I'm jealous of your username color... :3

    <3 Blue.
    Heyyy Rauleen! So, when were you thinking about doing the next HD? Hylian said sometime in June. I was going to do Brainshock βeta on the 18th, but if that's too soon I'll move it to the 25th.
    That would be sweet. I know Yink is hosting a tournament in the middle of June...So that would be a good smash month to chill with everyone.

    MWE vs MWW would be HYPE.

    When is the next HOT ****INGS?!?!!
    hey rauleen, apparently I'm driving to SIIS also. you should call me sometime you're free to discuss travel plans.
    Hey Rauleen! I take it if Jordan isn't going you're not going to Brainshock either? :(

    If not, I'm sorry you're missing but I hope you have a great weekend!
    Hey, did you record my SDI demonstration at HD2? People have been asking about that video.
    Im sorry Radium D,;

    Purdue not coming. Sorry for the lateness... I just found out like an hour after classes and been busy on a project...

    Hope you have fun still. Thanks for offering housing!
    I'm going to try to make it, most likely I'm going to be able to. if you can can you send me their address in private message and/or contact info.?

    Hit me up on AIM soon please. Need to discuss some things that Fino might have mentioned to you.
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