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  • Yes definitely! Ugh, wifi is terribad...I hate the lag....I tried it again teh other day and I nearly threw my controller down. But if you really want to, you should txt me. 314 616 6162. My roommates and I share the wii code so it might show up but not really me playing.
    I think people are going to assume the wrong thing. At least, they did that when my matches against Ally's MK were posted online.

    Yeah, the song came from Excitebike 64. It's the music that accompanies the race preview. I don't know the title of the song, though.
    I probly won't be able to make it T_T I've got like 35$ to my name right now and no job atm. I'm hoping to get a job super soon, but I dunno if I'm gonna get the money in time.
    I would... If I owned a Wii... >.>

    I get a huge paycheck on the 5th (like, I worked 95 hours in two weeks), I'm getting one then. When I get one then I will be down. But I'm trash. It'll be an easy win. :p
    Well, no one answered my question besides Po... So I don't know. :p I'm going to take my brownie mix and everything just in case... I suppose if its only just for Po. Haha. Who knows with these boys. :)
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