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Zivilyn Bane
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  • I'm sorry, I could only get the first place of each smashmex, the site went down with all the information and we're trying to recover it.
    SMX 1 - Oswaldo
    SMX 2 - Jonas
    SMX 3 - Javi
    SMX 4 - Javi
    SMX 5 - EX
    SMX 6 - Tuga
    SMX 7 - EX
    SMX 8 - Javi
    SMX 9 - EX
    SMX 10 - EX
    SMX 11 - Yu
    Lol of course I TO'd the first HD tournament; HD series were my tournaments. :D However, the first HD is on my other hard drive which fried so I don't know how to retrieve any of the files. But why do you want last year's .tio files? Do you just want as many files on the site as possible?
    I dont have that info. Sfat or Sheridan might, its on Sheridan's computer. But Sheridan left before the toureny ended, so Sfat was supposed to give him the rest of the results to finish off the TIO.
    I've never hosted a tournament. Ask Alukard for ROM stuff. Scar might have some old SPOC tio files.
    It is a bracket for them who didn't make it out of pools / didn't enter singles pools at all. I think you shouldn't rate it, as it is not properly seeded and we don't take it into consideration when making PR:s or such. But I think FoxLisk already got Tampora 3 file processed (though not the other tournaments I have uploaded), so you can just skip that tournament.
    That's a finnish tournament. I'm pretty sure that the one who uploaded it is Paju, you should ask him about this.
    Hmm... In which file did you find that ? I don't remember this in any of the files I uploaded, so it may be one of the finnish tournaments.
    I have a couple tourneys we did on paper, if i made the bracket in a TIO file, would that be fine? The tourney I beat kels is one of them :p

    edit- and the tourney i beat dart is another
    I'm sorry man, I had to beat Lord Bane...I hope you're not upset I killed your boss. :S
    Newburgh(Aka right next to Evansville) Indiana. It's pretty muh on the southwest side of Indiana. If you want a precise address, let me know.
    So I apparently don't have the file? I'll ask my co-TO about it, seeing as he used his computer for it. I apologize for my lateness.
    Sorry for my lateness. I just remembered and sent the TIO file for CEO 2011 to your email. Hope your project goes well and I'm happy to help you out.
    Do you want just HoG6? I also have a lot of Mass Madness .tio files. Though they're saved on computers at the specific venues I use, so I am unable to get you them at this time. Next time I host an event I can send you whichever you'd like.
    Ahhh I'll try my best since the file isn't on my laptop but the venue's laptop.
    Okay, I just have BB's Melee singles file I think, and I'll send you it tomorrow. :)
    You're lucky! I still have the files on my USB. Do you just wan the Melee file (considering this is for the MBR)?
    I sure hope you are active on your account. Do you have any information about the Smashing Crew in Fresno? I know Dunskies and Pink Shinobi are from Fresno. We also have locals like OBEY, Lit, Dizzy, Mexi, and Cereal Rabbit (lol wut?)...

    If I could get some sort of way to contact that, that would be appreciated.

    Here are a bunch of matches. If you have any problem downloading them, let me know and i'll let you borrow my account info. I'm also trying to render a few more.

    Also, the first link will have to be copied and pasted because of the forum word blockage.
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