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Last Activity:
Jan 27, 2018
Jan 7, 2009
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Jul 7, 1993 (Age: 24)
Irvine, SoCal

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Smash Master, 24, from Irvine, SoCal

stabbedbyanipple was last seen:
Jan 27, 2018
    1. standardtoaster
    2. CableCho57
      how do you pirate that?
    3. baka4moé
      noooooooooooo damn it lol. ok
    4. baka4moé
      yo matt, are you going to FC? do you wanna team!?
    5. Juggleguy
      yo stab, I saw your posts about the WC Apex 2013 qualifier, any chance you can avoid scheduling it in early October? I'm trying to get a few Cali people out to Big House 2 here in Michigan, which is October 6-7
    6. reaiota
    7. Zivilyn Bane
      Zivilyn Bane
      Yo stabbed what's up. Hey I was watching the vids for Oxy, good ****. Do you know who has the .tio file for it? I wanna make sure it gets uploaded to the DB. Lemme know :p
    8. Sinji
      Lol not as much as media says but yea we smoke it. Weed can be used for tea and other medical purposes as well.
    9. Keitaro
      Still need a ride from JFK on Thursday afternoon? I'm using my van to pick up some others from there so you can come along for $10 bucks. Just let me know your flight info if you're interested.
    10. CableCho57
      hey stab how do you fix videos that have a desynched audio and video? the only video editing software I have is windows movie maker lol. are there other free ones that would help?
    11. TheCrimsonBlur
      haha i won't. I love this avatar ^^
    12. Sinji
      Happy bday. good stuff on the mango podcast.
    13. baka4moé
      yo matt. i went to a houston tourney today and some falco guy went up to me and was like "hey i watched your match against stab. sorry to see you lose, but he's freakin good man." that means you have a fan dude! lol
    14. baka4moé
      hey stab, when you upload the mm with lanstar, could you also include the parts where we strike stages and the stuff in between the actual matches? i think it'll be cooler that way so that we get to hear the in between commentary and the noise/crowd behind it, i think it gives it more hype. :) Thanks!
    15. baka4moé
      LOL yeah tell me about it

      also wliia ftw. that is my favorite show ever, and i laugh every episode i watch.
    16. baka4moé
      haha yeah. its Sanada Yukimura from Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls. tbh though ive never seen the show, just liked the character portraits. actually, i hear its a pretty bad anime LOL
    17. Ekoli
      I don't think im comin this weekend dude :/
    18. victra♥
      yeah he is =p why?
    19. TemPesT-
      WAIT. SO IT IS "NIPPLE" is it just "hippie" on your youtube page!?
    20. a rookie
      a rookie
      Alright, fa sho'. Nice placing at Apex btw! =D
    21. a rookie
      a rookie
      When you hosting another tourney? Anytime soon? =D
    22. Keblerelf
      Actually, we are not twins. We just look identical.

      I am older than swedish delight by 3 years.

      Don't worry, a bunch of people thought we were twins or the same person, even when we went to china.
    23. Juggleguy
      yo stabbed, let me get your cell # so I can find you sometime before APEX
    24. hippiedude92
      stab u have unlimited texting? leme get yo number, pm it or send me on aim iight niggs
    25. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      No problem man, I'm looking forward to it. =)
    26. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Haha that sounds pretty cool, I can do that.
    27. prog
      hmm, let me get back to you. i might be teaming with a [scientology] member.
    28. prog
      of course i'll be at apex.
    29. -Rei-
      get on aim
    30. Teczer0
      Yoo I got kinda iffy news =/.

      Like today, I got an email for an interview for Panasonic to work for them over the summer. So I have no idea whats gonna happen to my summer.

      I'll keep you informed but... I might not go during June if I get it =/

      Really sorry bout that :(
    31. Kira-
      hey can you send me the vids of my falco that you recorded? if it's not too much trouble
    32. Kira-
      my bad LOL
    33. Kira-
      Stab you can't just make combo videos and tech skill videos out of 30 minute friendly sessions

      that's now how it works lol
    34. OkamiBW
      Dude, I miss you. Are you holding any tournaments in May?
    35. cykofox
      lol my bread has little hands sticking out of it.
    36. -Rei-
      lol some member called Today


      are you interested in premium?

      since there are a few members trying to do a podcast also but are interested in extending it to other regions.

      this is after you guys are solid, of course.
    37. -Rei-
      **** it stab, everytime i see you post it reminds of another member that does a kobato theme. lol
    38. DtJ Jungle
      DtJ Jungle
      ddecided i cant quit till i make it out of pools at SOME Tourney hahaha
    39. ChivalRuse
      Yea I got switched to your pool. ^^
    40. cykofox
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    Jul 7, 1993 (Age: 24)
    Irvine, SoCal


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