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  • Hey there, was curious as to which anime is being displayed in your signature. Saw a keychain with her at AWA and thought she was adorbs <3
    One of my favorite peaches, Hopefully we can do some friendlies and talk about Peach stuff on the 22nd. It has been so long since that 'sinking ship' tourney that got me into melee, doubt you remember me, haha. I played link :I Luckily I saw the light and use peach now
    im leaving long beach sunday bay :/

    vs dan game 2 i 4 stocked him with ~60% in like a minute and a half :p
    Hey, are you going to E4U this weekend? If so, if you don't have a doubles partner... want to team and do double Peach? that would be really fun lol
    haha yesss, Remon-senpai is so awesome

    I loved that show, but I felt like nobody else watched it. :<
    Yeah, I just got back on Wednesday. It looks like I cant play Saturday because some of my friends want to go snowboarding, but definitely next week. :)
    It's like a nine hour car ride from sf to san diego, lol. And I'll be back in SoCal for school the next week anyways so I dont want to make that trip repeatedly.

    We should play again when I get back though before school starts piling up. ;)
    At the very least, I've learned that going Jigglypuff against his Pikachu is not smart. =P

    But I played him a little more today, and he seems to have good control of his character. If I could remember anything else about tonight's matches with him, I'd tell you, but matches are often a blur for me. When did he start being competitive?
    I've played him a few times so far. His Pikachu is really good...I haven't fought his Marth too much yet, though. And his Mario is solid too.
    Well, you make it very interesting to watch your Peach. I like it lots. I'll also try to improve, so that I can have some videos that are actually good...

    That is Aera Colthearts, from Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2, for the Gameboy Advance. It is an AWESOME game.

    Also, apparently there's a guy from your region, Inty, who plays with you often? He's over in Rochester, where I go to college now. =)
    Haha, I was just joking about it being related! I wrote a post mostly because I saw your matches and wanted to say nice job :p
    Ooh, interesting. Thanks for the invite. I'll try to come. What time do you plan on starting, and do you need any setups?
    hmm to answer your question, I think I'm quitting because I'm just getting bored with the socal melee community and the game in general. It's become pretty clear that the socal community's gotten pretty small and stagnant. Honestly, if I were in a new region like the midwest or east coast, I'd probably continue to play :ohwell: I only went to Genesis 2 because I knew the rest of the melee community would be there; and they were amazing and fun. Overall, I'm just satisfied with how I did in my melee career. When I was 12, I told myself I'd never quit until I got good and here I am, doing better and beating people I never thought I would beat. It's a great feeling and I'd like to leave the community on a good note :)

    You better be aiming higher than just my spot on the power rankings, Baka! 13th is a sad and pitiful rank and I hope I get removed from the PR instead. Also, try not to live in McCain's shadow ;) I may or may not see you again but it was nice playing you and I hope you do well later on.
    hey, are you driving to genesis II? I might need a ride from so-cal to the tournament.

    thanks in advance
    Kind of tough to say. I have a try-hard mode and I have a more relaxed, analyzing, teaching mode. When I'm in try-hard mode I become a lot less conscious and don't remember clear facts about the match. We'd have to play some friendlies where my goal is to study your play.
    I have a theory about all low tiers: They suck for a reason. There's always 1 or more fatal flaw in their metagame that makes them suck. For Zelda, the thing i find easiest to abuse is her shield. I think you need to become more fluid using fair-> grab. I saw you jabbing after the fair, and her grab is so slow it doesn't really matter. Also, you'd dsmash it, and it's like, solid enough for the dsmash to not connect. You threw turnips that she deflected, so you could start baiting or throwing them, then getting out of the bounceback trajectory. Also, be careful with your OoS game, because zelda can wait for you to think it's safe to do anything, then kick you. It's a good idea to let her land, but your nair oos can also stuff her pressure and counter and do other nifty nair oos things.
    I know "make her suck" isn't the best advice, but the more you play her, the more her deficencies begin to become apparent. there's some other stuff but i'd have to rewatch the set ^_^;
    Hope this helps
    Hey, just felt like stopping in again. I'm watching your matches with Shadow, the Zelda. You wanna talk about this set? I can offer some advice if you want it.
    I just never get the feeling of "I can't take this stock/get this hit", regardless of my or his percent. It just makes sense to me.
    You have aim or something?
    marth vs peach is my favourite MU, so i try to watch as many different peaches play it as possible. It was a pretty solid set, obviously nerves got in your way but asides from that the mistakes i caught were on the low side.

    I want to play you
    if you're ever around Disneyland or Santa ana
    then hit me up
    my name's Argenis
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