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  • i had this dream i was armada, so i came to this website to see if anyone might want to play. LOL! i know, i know..
    Hello Oats, do you know if anyone from San Digo is going to Apex 2013? I'm looking for a traveling companion because Winy/Walther/Z0mfg can't come with me this time because his visa expired...

    thank you.
    This is excellent news. I'm already housing a few other SoCal people (Zigsta and Larry), you're more than welcome to join if you'd like :)
    Oats! :D yeah, he does that... a lot... >_>

    Any chance of you coming to APEX btw?
    Is there a chance we can know our hotel room # before Genesis? Also, I don't suppose you can change my room's name to Soviet California? :glare:
    Hi, I sent you a pm, and as silly as this sounds, I accidentally sent it without saying "Thanks!" at the end of it, and I'd feel bad for not saying it, so I just wanted to say that..lol...
    Hello again. I was just wondering, are the hotel rooms we reserved are at the Ramada Inn? I heard that only single rooms are available. Oh and what time is the pick-up for the San-Diego pick-up?

    Thanks again!
    It would be cool to make a psa, but the camera I have used for every tournament has run its course! Tapes get messed up and it always gets some bs error! If you can get someone that can take HD then jump on it! I'm planning on getting a cheap camera that can take HD like the Cybershot! However, I won't be buying it until sometime next month!

    Well thank you SO much for at least trying, and doing what you could. Thanks more for telling me, otherwise we would've bought plane tickets to the wrong place (Which we were planning on buying today). How is Socal getting up to Genesis?
    Ayo, so Nick Riddle, MVD, and I need to go on the genesis bus thingy after genesis back down to Socal with Mike Haze. However, I only see like a whole 100$ ticket, and I was wondering if we could get half off or something seeing as we only need it one way...
    Hello, how much is the hotel package? I'm trying to figure out how much to set aside for Genesis. Also, can you tell me how many bus tickets are left?
    Man don't worry about it. My pleasure. It was so great having you guys over here.

    If you want to repay me you can just take me around SD again next time I go over. :)
    haha thanks man. it's just as much for me to look back at though so it's no issue. when are you goin to aussie again?
    Either way we can be in Melbourne for the exact same time period. And just to make sure you don't miss your flight you can prolly stay the night before it at Shaya's. He lives real close to the airport.
    Yo dude.

    In regards to your plan when you get here. I know you wanted to go like Syd -> Great Barrier Reef -> Melb -> Syd or whatever.

    BUT, what if we did the following:

    Sydney for the first week. There's a tourney and **** that we could do and yeah I'd be on my uni break so I wouldn't be stressing out so much about stuff and I'd have penty of time to spend with you guys.

    Then we hit up Melb and Robocop. Chill there for a bit, Hall ca go see his relatives and stuff.

    Then AFTER that we go up to the Great Barrier Reef and QLD and stuff. I figure the later we leave that the warmer the water and stuff will be, and the warmer the water is the better time we'll have.

    Then after that we can go down to Canberra, hit up their zoo. You guys can fight a Kangaroo and stuff, then back to Syd for your flight back.

    IMO this way gives us a better time overall. + if we do the QLD trip AFTER RC I know I'll have more fun since I won't be worried about playing smash at all lol.
    Hey OATS you're going to Australia for the ROBOCOP tournament aren't you?

    I don't have a team partner for Brawl doubles, the person I normally team with isn't going :/ . If you don't have a partner, then I'd really like to team with you :)

    We could place pretty high and also it's fun to team with people from overseas.

    Also would like to MM you for experience.
    Oats I won the tourney lololol.

    ***** Shaya. He won't be standing with his hand on his hip anymore!
    Yeah dude, got home fine. Wish I was back there though haha, had an awesome time with you guys. :3
    Hi Oats,
    You definately had a big impact on the aussie smashers you helped out during their trip to America for Genesis. Especailly Ted, he has dedicated his next tourney in your Epicness, Pro and Honour. Its shaping up to be Sydney's best tournament that has a prize pool, with international guests (DON), interstate attendance and fresh faces.

    Your just that Pro, that your proness reaches here from the other side of the planet to make events here just that much more Epic.
    Im going to that tourney in Australia too... Im in Australia for 4 months for school, but im from VA.

    I got free housing and great hospitality out of whatever you did just because we are from the same country (well im sure it was more, but im also sure you helped). I also heard great stories lol. You must be one of the better people in the smash community. Hope to play/meet you someday.
    apparently i have to post here if i wanna go to a tourny to pwn the aussies you met at genesis. i also wanted to say how pro you are. not just at smash, but at life. gj.
    I could just repeat something along the lines of what Zero just said, but I know you're a busy man, what with doing "pro" things and all. So I'll just keep it short and simple.

    Oats = ****

    I heard that you are a very attractive, charming, charismatic man and I feel that I should inform you directly of these traits you possess. Of course, these are completely unrelated to your dexterity and sheer wit displayed during the course of competitive Smash Brothers. But combined, they complete the perfect human being that only the word "pro" can express.

    tl;dr you're too pro, oats
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