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  • I think it was too late, voting probably ended before you changed your vote.

    Sorry man, maybe next time. :<
    Hi e_alert. Your vote needs 5 people to become valid, any less and your entire vote becomes invalid.
    I apologize for not thanking you earlier, but I sincerely thank you for the help and the big wall of text. It really did help me out. I've been pondering on your answers and some of what I want, but I really feel like I need to master Pit before anything else. There is still much more to discover and learn w/ Pit, and I really want to become a top Pit main, and I know there are very few out there, but I really want to do that instead of ICs. And tbh, I haven't really been enjoying the ICs as much as I thought. It's not about the work load at all, I just haven't liked them much as a character, and I know you said that you have to love them to do really well. Thank you so much for the help. I still have a long way to go, so if you have more helpful tips for my Pit and how to grow as a player, I'm open ears!

    God Bless,
    Hey bro Delux seems to admire you a lot. I have some questions about ICs. I seem to have potential w/ the ICs, and I know it will take a ton of work to get them to a high competitive level, but I'm on the fence about whether I should continue them or not. Do you think learning ICs are really worth the work? Like I really want to be a top 20 player in the US. I main Pit right now, and my Pit is always improving and seems to be improving even more w/ these new technical skills I've added to my game.

    *Are there any words of encouragement or tips or suggestions you could give me that would help me continue playing ICs?

    *How do you think one can be really successful w/ them at national level?
    Yeah I can see how many people don't know my sense of humor or even that I have one, it doesn't come out very often these days. Most of it got sucked out in 2008/9. You knew me before that when I was a cheery fellow. Anyway i don't care that much what most people think, just my close friends such as yourself.
    Ok so nothing really was going over my head then. My follow up post was posted not seriously but what was the posts content I did mean, hence me saying that I was serious when Ted said he didn't know if I was serious. The last bit about aero laughing I posted mainly cause I was annoyed that people were making out I was slow, when in fact they were confused about the tone of what I was saying, so after all that foxy said it the best in one of his latest posts.
    You see, I wasn't actually going to stay at the meet at Ted's. My plan was to simply drop in, hand it over, then head home. The reason behind this is that I'm really busy with assignments and I need every minute I can get these holidays. So while it wouldn't have been a big deal for me to head up and back from Ted's, it is a bit more of a big deal heading down to ZXV's and back, which I'm sure you will agree. I don't suppose it can wait, can it? I mean, if you really need it, then no problem, I'll head down to your's/zxv's tomorrow if something ends up happening, but otherwise I'd really rather continue working and I can get it back presumably next week.
    Btw, I watched Guilty Crown. Pretty good man. I mean it's no fmab, but still, well worth it. It's gonna be a while before I have time to watch the other one though, but till then, I should probably find out when I'll be able to return the external hard drive. If you had planned on going to Ted's this Friday, then I can drop in to return it then.
    Ok, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm at the stage where Lux sent me the PM saying to apply to join in the user account area, which I did, a few days ago. Surely it's like one click away at this point.
    Hey EA, what's taking so long man? You can't seriously be making me wait again right? I mean it was potentially funny the first time, even though you decided to make it 2 weeks instead of 3 days, but why now? Do you know what I mean? I can see how you may have thought it would work the first time, but a second confirmation means that making me wait is pointless for the original purpose. So unless you're just trying to irritate me, then I see no reason why it should be taking this long.

    I know you’re friends with Lux and that this must all be part of some plan you have in order to have a good laugh, which is fair enough and totally understandable, but at another friend's expense? I hope I'm wrong about all this.

    Let me know what's on your mind.
    Still really flu-y, so that'd be an unfortunate no. Thanks for asking though man. That was heaps thoughtful of you. It's looking like I'm still gonna have this thing by the time I go back to uni; kill me now. please?
    Sounds good man. You can put me down as very interested and most likely to go; I say most likely because I have a pretty bad cold atm so I'm just hoping I get better by Friday. I could complain some more about how much it sucks, but there wouldn't be enough room and I still wouldn't be satisfied that I'd gotten the point across. So I spose I'll let you know what I'm doing on Friday. I'll either turn up or you'll get a message of disappointment and frustration verging on full blown rage XD.
    That's an amazing idea. In fact it has to happen. Has anyone else shown interest in going? Perhaps more appropriately, has anyone else been asked?
    Any details I should know? Plans, thoughts, preparations.
    I am online and I'll leave it open. I hope you check your messages lol
    I can do tonight just fine - I'm home all day today. I think the ladder was meant to reset on the 19th, but it got pushed back to the 26th? I might have just been flooded by NA stuff though.

    Goodbye Master league 4v4 looool. Gonna get my random teams up there next season for sure.
    Sorry dude, I've been busy all weekend. I also couldn't find the tournament in question from that website? Idk, I didn't look for very long.

    Sorry again.
    I'm home. I can probably fit in any time right now. Also; I don't have your number you just have mine.
    I have a question about Ice Climbers and read this is where to go to ask.

    Will you help me?
    My net conked out and it's taken this long just to navigate to your page. Hopefully we can try again tomorrow / another day.

    ***, there is a potential distant worlds ticket free'd up maybe.
    come talk to me about it quick before it disappears and ****
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