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  • So you're looking for mistakes commentators commonly make? From my experience, pretty much everyone always get's Mewtwo's Confusion and Disable mixed up. Confusion, his side special, is a Command Grab and a reflector. Disable is a projectile that stuns the target based on the amount of damage they've taken.
    hey there, i'm looking for a fox main to spar with; if you're free would you mind having a couple of matches with me?
    hey man, I'm not home atm and wont be till sunday, I assume you want to play wifi, do you use this website?
    ahh no worries. I've never used qldsmash before; I'm checking it out now, and so far so good. I've been sitting on anther's ladder which is much emptier in terms of aussie players.
    Luke, i am getting to teds to late to pick EA up or to make detours on the way there, i would rather play smash. You know if you really wanted to get this to happen you should of collected the suit yourself or told me your Gordon Rangers plan before you announced a tourney during the busiest and most expensive month i have had all year. Its bad enough i have to leave early. At this rate ill be lucky if i dont fall asleep mid match at this tourney.
    Holy ****!!!!!!!!! Oh please God say this is true!
    I swear, if they stuff this up, just, wow. But how can it be stuffed up? I mean, it's Ron Burgundy.
    So what, it's going to be an actual sequel, not like that other anchor man '2', right? I am fairly pumped for this. No wait, even better - "I am very aroused". I need to tell everyone about this. Cheers man.
    thanks luke for the psp info, i already have the UMD for Final fantasy tactics, it was the actual reason i got a new psp, also i was able to download FF& from psn store since i had already bought it on my psp go before i lost it, crisis core came with the psp, dissidia is a fighting game isnt it and i dont really like fighting games but i forgot about MGS so ill try to find that.
    Well potentially I could bring a wii setup and a small tv, but I'm a bit iffy about taking stuff to tournaments anymore ever since last time I did the **** got broke which really put me out (time, effort and money). Just let me know if you really need it. Like if the whole thing is on the verge of being called off XD, then yeah, I'll bring it.
    If you get me to actually book it I probably wouldn't be so iffy about running it. But, I could look into it, sure.
    So what's you plan for this wknd?

    Who you bringin, where u staying, what day u goin etc?
    Sick I've been thinking about that for a while.

    I'm thinking chicken fillet would be epic.

    I've even considered chicken fillet + buffalo + ranch. :O

    They say buffalo + ranch on a buffalo chicken pizza so I donno, might turn out to be ridic.

    Might give it a try in the next week or so.
    Took me forever but I finally have a kickass ground game that puts me on even ground with Havok's Marth. I'll try and get a video of Carlos and I playing for you
    wat. hell yes. I need to play peeps in blazblue! When are you leaving Toby's? (and what time are you planning on getting to toby's)
    He............ well, I dont think he's done much at all. I told him I'd ask you if he could tag along for the ride. If you can't though that's cool.
    If you're coming, can you pick me and leish up on the way? Otherwise we have no way of getting anywhere. =P
    Its on sunday, I'm pretty sure, so yeah, come down if you want then. if you can, I understand. :)
    0410902445. That is the number for the phone I actually carry around with me. =P

    See you then.
    Hey dude, call me tomorrow morning or something about plans for the weekend, as in after Distant worlds. And you'd have to tell me when you're gonna pick me up, since I'm leaving for shaun's (defiled) right about now, and won't be home till tomorrow lunchtime maybe.
    ahh damn sorry dude I've already made plans, have fun tho. >:

    btw are you still interested in going to japan sep/oct-ish?
    Yeah vesperia would be ****ing sick.

    And yeah I'll teach you some mvc. You can be the guy that proves to everyone that Spidey isn't ****...
    ...if you're good enough.
    Because I use many phones.

    Plans for the weekend sound pretty good. We should play some marvel too. Game just keeps getting better.
    *Nova post*

    Now I see why you can't stand dic_123....er mic_124 or whatever.
    He loves power on the net because his lower regions lack power, his social life lacks power and his personality lacks everything except being an overcompensating dog fooking virgin (with humans, at least).
    Hope you're not perma banned, like me (posted boobies), lul.
    And get interested in smash again. :/
    ACL wasn't the sammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee without the canberra guys.
    His main account has a standard ban for 2 weeks and he's not supposed to use an impersonater/alternate account during than ban period. Any other account used thereforth is permabanned, but he can use his main account once the points expire
    There's a difference. I was joking and there was no malicious intent behind it.

    You are blatantly not joking and trying to offend a person.

    When I said no insulting I meant no blatant "**** you," remarks aimed at Plank or any of the members in the thread. It's fine to kid around, but not when the statements become personal. And I believe I did say, "personal verbal insults".

    You're getting mad over nothing and it's really a waste of both our times.
    If you don't care then why did you bother posting in my wall to begin with?
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