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  • Hi Gords. I have no idea how to send a PM so I'll just post here. I've been out of the game for a while but I've been playing abit recently and keen to get back in. Any chance you're free over the next few days? You'll know me from work btw. My name is Michael.
    Hey dude, just found out that another Queenslander is coming to Sydney on the same flight. Any chance of being able to house him too? He's new to the scene so I don't think you know him, but I can vouch for him being a cool guy. He said he has other options if you can't, but this would just be more convenient. =)
    Heyo Gords! I decided I wanna get into Hearthstone (watched some vids and stuff) looks really fun man! I've been meaning to get into a good tcg-like game for a while now, with the beta key though, I remember you mentioned something about it on the trip back the other day, how does it work for me to be able to play, like, am I able to use yours or something?
    Yo yo. Don't even know how to send PM anymore so this will have to do. Talking to you on behalf of Corpse and Pwnsweet. They're bored and have nothing to do today. They don't care if they play smash or just chill with someone. They have a car and can come to you if need be.
    For some reason I'm unable to send you a pm/start a conversation with you. (plz fix that. There's a 420 char cap here, and that freaking includes spaces)
    I need to find my own way down this Friday. So how exactly does one get to your place via public transport, what's your address (for the gps), and what's your mobile number?
    There's still a whole plethora of issues I need to figure out before I can confirm anything.
    Just to clarify, Nido is not my brother, I haven't met Nido yet as he's from Victoria.
    Hey Gords, it's Pogo
    I heard you're hosting a meet this weekend, can you Pm me the details, I'd love to come
    Ill bring my Wii along as well :)
    yeah well I hope you can see why people thought you were being slow, since it seemed you missed the humour, then didn't clarify that you got it when ted was like "lolwat" and just made it worse. If you can see people are questioning your intelligence then you need to address it immediately, trust me, someone having a low opinion of your intelligence is one of the hardest impressions to break. Also, I'm willing to bet foxy was actually referring to aero when he made that post.

    btw, I find excessive use of emoticons and saying stuff like "lolololololol" helps a lot when you're meaning to have a lighthearted tone but you can see what you're saying could be easily taken seriously. dunno if you thought about it before but there you go. of course you can also use injokes and specific word formats (eg "get *****/done/etc") if you know them well enough.

    anyway I just think it's kinda tragic that pretty much everyone thinks you don't have a sense of humour, when I know you do, although I will admit even tho I know it's there I don't understand it a lot of the time myself. I guess it's just one of those weird ones that most people dont get. I hope you understand now why people thought you were being completely serious this time tho.
    foxy was joking about not going cause lux said he wasnt going. this was blatantly obvious from context which is why everyone was like "wtf."
    i'll give you the benefit of the doubt that "why are you laughing aero" wasn't serious although I don't see the joke in it since everyone was being pretty serious at the time.
    there you go.
    what do you mean you dont like fighting games?
    you spend half your life playing smash?

    also its nothing like a tradtional fighting game, its 3d and emphasis is on moving around your enviroment, same as smash.
    its pretty good
    yo, I assume you're coming on sun, do you have tv's you can bring?

    also for psp iso's

    MGS peace walker
    final fantasy tactics
    monster hunter

    and if you like final fantasy, get crisis core, and if you have never played final fantasy 7, get that on your psp too
    (psp's were designed for you to be able to download ps 1 games onto your ps3 and then move them onto the psp to play, so it'll be able to read the ps1 iso)
    It all depends on three things. I'd need a lift up, I'd need to be doing nothing and I'd need money.
    I'll talk it over with Ted tomorrow about a possible lift, the others I should be able to work out.
    So I spose I'll let you know, some time tomorrow arvo or the following day.

    (Oh yeah, I figured out how to cancel the start of Dair on platforms. It'd been bugging me for ages. Check it out if you want in the thread. Just thought I'd keep you up to date XD.)
    I'll try to get to Ted's today and hopefully we'll be able to catch up. I just gotta organise some form of transport. (Was I invited? I mean I can't think of why not, but I haven't heard anything from Ted..... Maybe I'll PM him first, just incase, and if I don't get anything back, well, I'll just turn up I spose. It'll be fine.)

    So who was the new guy and how did you go? Like what place did you come? (Was he better then me? omg please say no XD.)

    Oh yeah! I've been meaning to test something with you that might mean you use Diddy in teams more often. Hyro posted it on the Toon boards, the BCD, Banana cancelled D-smash. If we're on teams, me Toon and you Diddy, from what I could make out, I should be able to use your bananas to cancel my D-smash. We should check it out today if I remember.

    Anyway, I spose I'll see you there. (I'm off to PM Ted)
    So... How did it go? I checked it out and you got 9th which is pretty dang good, but how did you go in doubles? Also, EA?!? 4th? Wow!!!! I mean, he must have been doing soooo many one grab equals stock kinda things. I'm seriously impressed, what happened? Was he just exceling all of a sudden or something?

    But you know, it's a shame I couldn't go in the end. What did I miss?

    Oh, and how are you? XD
    You see, the problem is, I only just got this message XD. I don't go on nearly as much as I used to. Looks like I'm not going, unless Ted says otherwise, he's really good at that sort of thing. I hate it XD. Like I don't think I would have gone to any Tourneys if he hadn't of convinced me. But I'd need a lift or something, so, I spose that's it then. Unless you'll be at Ted's on Friday, we'll have to work something out for another day... yeah.
    Ok, I haven't been on since last time I messaged you because of studies, but it's all over now so I'm sweet.
    The Boomerang + shield breaker BCD sounds like an awesome idea that we absolutely have to test. As for when, well that's another matter.

    As you may have guessed, I won't be at Ted's house on Friday XD. As for Saturday, well it is Saturday and all the cars are gone so I've got no way of going anywhere.

    Luke's not going? I still haven't checked the Aus boards. This is bad. So how is Ted getting there then? I might not even be going now...... I'll check it out and see what I can do. Doesn't sound good though man.

    I leave the boards for three days and all hell breaks loose XD. Where would you all be without Foxy.
    Yeah, I should be going, got nothing planned for Friday otherwise. I'll try and dig up the frame data code for you by then. Saturday sounds good too, I do have NSMBW (finished it lawl, it's too good) and would love to play it, also hopefully I can find an ST download online by then too, would be crazy.
    If you want, we can have heaps of practise matches before and after the Tourney where you can just go IZAC crazy and use it at every possible moment. That should help.
    I haven't been playing brawl on purpose for a few weeks now because I need to focus on my final exams, so I'm not expecting to do too well, this time.
    And yeah, that would be so sick if we could pull off the SH Quadriple arrow in an actual match. I'm thinking, we can't force it to happen, so we'll need to only try it when there's one guy left or when both characters are trying to camp/out spam us on one side of the stage. (Lol..... outspam two Toon Links. They don't stand a chance.)

    Arrow trick? Do you mean the SMS BCAT thing? If so, it's already in the list. And the shield breaker combo, well I posted it, and... well you'll see. http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=248949&page=11
    I'm still convinced it's legit though. Just not sure what to do to prove it. Hopefully, as you've suggested, we can test a few things later on in the day when there's a TV free. If you followed the link and read all the posts, you'll know what needs to be worked on.
    Any ideas for now though?
    I'm presuming that PR means, that list of people that are really good XD. Well I'm not even gonna try get there. I'd just be setting myself up for dissapointment. And remember, "Expect nothing, and you won't be dissapointed."
    How about you though? Any chance? I haven't seen the list in a while so I wouldn't know who's on it.
    Well my TAFE will be over, so I don't see why not. I'll look into it a bit more, but for now I would say, yes, I am most probably going unless something pops up that was unplanned. I hope to see you there man.
    Just off the top of my head, I was reading about the tourney a bit a while ago, isn't it going to be like, not very serious? Just stuffing around sorta thing?
    While I'm honoured that you'd even shower me with superfluous pro-ness, I will have to cede all pro-ness to you, dear Gords for taking the time to comment on my (no longer) pro-ness.
    Well I'm going up with meteor so if we can squeeze another case into meteors bags I'll bring a dozen of the lemons up for you as well as my mixed case and you can pay me when I see you in qld. I'll let you know anyway before we leave Sydney. That ok for you.
    well i am ordering 2 dozen lemon now while there cheap for home and a mixed case for myself in Qld. so if you want a case of lemon thats fine or i can get another mixed case (which is also $35.40). Also when is your flight, cause ill probs need to see you before i go as i most likely wont be able to take more than a dozen up due to the 7kg carry on luggage limit.
    so gords, wanna bring down some XS for QLD, one of those every flavor except lemon cause we're gay like that packs should be good.
    well i live in campbelltown and then there is like a 10 minute bus trip to my house. as for when i am free next would probs be next tuesday but not sure yet. if you want to get into a bit of melee though you should check the sydney thread and see if you can make it to Dedu's melee meet this friday. thats where i will be going anyways.
    mmm herb. hey dude sorry i only just got ur reply thing. what day are u next free? and im not at home all that often so if ur close to a train line it might be easier for me to drop by urs. cheers. number is 0402734087, just msg it.
    gords, more herbs lol
    no seriously, I forgot what you said about where to get them,
    refresh my memory please.
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