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  • Wow, I totally missed that post, I must've been gone, but I'm glad christ led you to the truth, welcome to catholicism!

    I think it's what Paul refers to as a 'disputable matter' in Romans 14. I think that it's best for people to keep to themselves with these issues. Not meaning that you can't talk about it, but that you shouldn't say one opinion is necessarily right or wrong--unless it in some way goes against the teachings in either the Old or New Testament. In verse 5 specifically Paul says "One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind." So either way works, for the most part. I think it's beneficial to see things either way. Myself, I do celebrate the holidays. But I don't think I'll tell my children about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, because I believe that takes the focus off Jesus and is also lying to your children. When I do celebrate the holidays, I try to make it focused on Jesus, and not on materialism, as they have become about. But I think either way there are benefits to be gained.

    Also, I was curious if you ever planned on coming out to one of our churches. You seem to still ask me for advice on things and inquire of me. And when we first started talking you wanted nothing but to find a church that was really trying to follow God. And now it seems like you've come to terms with the idolatry you said was in your own church--unless you've stopped going completely. Either way, it leads me to question whether or not you're still motivated to get in touch with a church that's really trying to follow God. Our church isn't perfect--I have no illusions about that. There's a lot I want to change in our church by going into the ministry. However, I do think that our church has a lot of doctrine on straight that many other churches don't. And for your sake, I'd like to give you the safe bet if I could. What do you think about that?
    Baptism and forgiving sins are entirely separate.

    Baptism, nobody gave the priests specific authority to baptize, anyone may baptize, all that's required is water and "I baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost/spirit".

    As for forgiveness of sins, "those whose sins you forgive are forgiven and those whose sins you retain are retained" -John 20:23. This authority was passed to his disciples (including his apostles) if you check the context of the verse, and this authority is passed down from them since they are what became the priesthood. That said, from the theological sense, it's component in holy orders to pass this down (in other words, they passed this authority to their successors through the mechanism of "I forgive the sins that my successors forgive and retain the sins my successors retain"), it's part of apostolic succession, and part of the reason why the church place emphasis on the unbroken chain.

    Hope that helped!
    A divine commandment to have thirty wives? That's crazy for obvious reasons. I don't believe David or Solomon had a 'divine commandment' to have tons of wives. In fact, Solomon had many foreign wives which was against God's commandment. Regardless, there's no commandment in the Bible saying that you should only have one wife. The only passage is where Paul is talking about deacons/elders/overseers of the church and saying that he should be a man of only one wife. I guess that shows that God's ultimate will would be one man and one woman, and there are other passages that suggest that, but I believe that's the only real case where it's mentioned (see 1 Timothy 3: 2, 12 and Titus 1:6). Also, I believe that the people who started the Mormon religion admitted it was all a farce.

    Regardless, the Mormon religion is clearly not from God in any way. What they teach doesn't add anything to the Bible at all. It's just some guy trying to make a name for himself, as far as I'm concerned, but I haven't studied it in depth just yet.
    Hahah, I saw your post on Elen's profile. He plays a great Falcon. Trees does too, but he doesn't really go on Smashboards. There was a time when Trees was better than Scar, but I'm changing my mind. Scar's gotten so much better, it's kinda crazy. I'm not sure how he matches up against Elen. Elen's really good o_O;;

    Anyway, Elen gave me some good Falcon advice a while ago: Don't spotdodge and tech in place 90% of the time (only roll-tech when you know someone expects you to tech in place). It's really simple, but that did so much for my Falcon. I used to get wrecked by my other friend who played Falcon because I'd just get tech-chased like crazy. It was my fault for doing crazy rolls instead of just teching in place and jabbing out of the tech to intercept jabs or shielding attacks. It really is that simple. I did that and all of a sudden I stopped getting wrecked.

    Anyway, if you want some more Falcon-specific tips, let me know, unless you're too busy with Fox :p
    yo i chosen u to be in my all pro clan called the dark knights my friend code is 5241-2098-1137 were the best on wifi we think u could be a pro if u need more info reply back if ur not interested at least fight me show me ur worth it , if ur interest then reply back with ur wii code and brawl friend code, then ill text u my wii code
    Yeah, it's really cool to see the way God's been using me. I end up getting a lot of credit, though I feel like the people who do the majority of the work get overlooked. But how have things been with going to church? Have you headed out to the Sydney church yet? And if not, why not? I'm sure you could get there at least one Sunday. See what you can do. It'd do you good to at least check it out. And yeah, it's been a while since we talked. We shouldn't let that continue :p
    What's surprising? XD And yeah, I switched my main, too. To Falcon, interestingly enough. But things are great. I'm going to be an intern in our campus ministry this fall and will be leading the disciples on my campus. Should be an interesting time. I'm looking forward to it.
    Hey man, we haven't talked in a good while. How are you doing? I know that a while back you were trying to get connected with the church in Australia but school was an obstacle. Let me encourage you to not let it continue to be that way. Remember that God is ultimately more important and what's more is that He'll take care of your schooling because He knows it's important. But message me back and let me know how things are. I'm sorry I haven't been following up as much as I should be, I've had a million and one things happening and a lot more responsibility's being placed on my shoulders. I won't necessarily be able to be the one initiating all the time, but if you message me I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP. I love you, man. Let me know what I can do to help.

    Well, more jobs, equals having to pay, people having money to use makes money flow, and therefore the economy goes up.
    You guys are in winter right now correct?
    Wow, nice long post and I'm glad you asked me, although you could also ask in the Dedede Q&A thread or check the Dedede matchups thread. I've got two important exams tomorrow so I can't give a full answer now but I'll do my best. I promise I'll write a lot tomorrow.

    But for now...

    To get through the arrow spam, you can just shield each individual one while running forward or a mixture of jump and airdodge. I have a little trouble with Pit too. Try to get above him and fast fall a bair or an inhale. These will outrange his smashes, especially inhale, and should encourage him to stop smash spamming and to go into the air more ;) Watch out for his uair if you spam this tactic though, if you see it coming you can double jump and dair to outrange it or try to airdodge round, or just jump above it. You could also ff a bair from the side to outrange it :) When you get him in the air, don't be too predictable as he has decent aerials that hurt, but your bair should win out against all his aerials except Uair. If he smashes I think you should be able to shieldgrab but I'm not 100% sure. I know if you usmashes you could air dodge and grab him during the ending lag. If you think hes gonna Fsmash, roll behind and grab, or if you think hes gonna dsmash, just shield the first hit and grab him during the lag. CG him offstage and try to gimp him.

    Thats all I can post for now cause I'm short on time, but tomorrow I'll post some more ;)
    pfft as if you want to live in act when you can live in sydney.
    the scene is really small, I've slowly been building it up but we've only got like 8 players.
    Ah, all right.

    SWF Index -> Pool Room -> Las Pictoras -> Page 516

    then just look for my post. That's all.
    I main Marth, and I'm the one on the right. If you're trying to see what I look like, there's a picture of me in Las Pictoras: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=7252812#post7252812

    Ignore the AIM conversation at the bottom. Zero Beat was just being weird and I do not in ANY way support...anything mentioned there x_x;;;

    But yeah, as I said I do main Marth, but I used Falcon as a secondary in the past. Although I think I'm going to pick up Falco as a real secondary because I think he's going to help me learn a bit more. I'll keep playing Falcon for fun though ^_^
    Hey, since I don't think you've ever seen me play, here's a small highlights video of my friend Ron and I playing on Friday.


    He's still learning...so all of the combos are mine XD Though I did throw in a few funny clips, including one that lead into a weird Marth f-smash, I go down and away at like a 30 degree angle. You'll see XD

    Let me know what you think. It's not a combo video really, by the way, just something I made for fun and laughs.
    Hmmm, I dunno. I'm not exactly an expert on the subject. Good luck, though.
    Yeah, also with Marth and Sheik, tech chasing is a lot less important if you ask me. I mean against them. I tech chase Fox and Falco because you can't combo them until high percents. Marth and Sheik you can combo almost anytime. For them, I'd recommend tech chasing when the opportunity presents itself, which I don't think is going to be incredibly often.
    I'll quote ArcNatural on this one:

    If you want to get better at something, when you play focus only on that one thing. If it's tech chasing, spend the whole match focusing on tech chasing and try to set up opportunities to tech chase. Keep doing this until you see serious improvement.

    Just do that. Arc knows what he's talking about and is one of the most interesting tech chasers I've played. He's the type of guy that can tell you ahead of time which way you're going to tech, it's kinda creepy. Elen, on the other hand, just watches people tech and follows it. He gave some advice on what to do so I'm not so predictable when teching, and I'll share it because it'll probably help you too.

    You almost never want to roll tech. It's so easy to follow. The only time you want to roll tech is when someone expects you to tech in place. Instead, you should be focusing on what to do AFTER you tech. With Marth I'd recommend up-tilting right out of a tech. With Falco, if you time a shine right, it's nearly impossible for them to hit you right out of the tech. Focus on this as opposed to just where you're teching.

    Maybe that helped you, too, since you'll see the better players doing that. And a suggestion: If someone misses a tech, dash dance back and forth in front of them. A lot of people will just do a getup attack. Just dash away and dash back as they finish and grab them. And Elen's completely right, rolls are so easy to follow--especially with Falcon.

    Hope this helps.
    I saw you looking for Falcon tips from Scar. If he's not responding, try Elen. Not only is Elen amazing with Falcon, he also plays with one of the better Falcon mains, Trees. I'd say Trees is better than Scar by a long shot--but the problem is that no one knows him just because he's not on Smashboards. If you haven't seen it yet, look for Too Manly for Brawl 2--he's one of the Falcons playing in it. And yes, he does play like that in real matches. I've experienced it personally o_x;;
    No clue about the controller. I searched around a little but didn't find it.

    And why do you finish in December? I'm not sure if your school system works the same as ours.
    You got my last PM, right? No rush in responding, I just don't want you to think I'm avoiding you again...:(
    haha, lol, it`s okay. I want to try out drums, but I wonder if I hve any room in the house for that? O_o XD ^^
    been okay, still play, but not as much. Times are changing and I`m still looking for a new job. I `m also trying to find a new hobby as well lol(improving my singing skills for one ^^)
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