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  • Yeah I'm up for morning, 11 to 2 :D Check your phone bro, I sent you a message, I think
    hey planetstereo, I'm at uni now.
    Just my phones gone flat, and I'm pretty much uber zombie 5000.
    I have the wii mote on me though, but hopefully you're around about now so we can fix this up !_!
    Hey, are you free this afternoon? I'm keen for some games.

    0433833024 is my number if you're interested :D
    um id be down for playing whenever you want really. only thing is have no control atm and also my room is an absolute mess
    Hay train. its Ing. from the tourney with fake. well i hope you intend to join our (not mine) regional tourney. well ill catch up with your sometime or l8r
    If you currently have WFC then i would like to vs you in brawl sometime, just forward a brawl code that you will be using and in response i will forward mine
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