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  • oh god i forgot all about this and didnt come on smashboards well if i did i dont normally check these but i will in the future. in all honesty im down for it but i'd have to set it up downstairs or something cause my room is a ****ing mess. but thats fine too cause no one is here anyways. sorry for the no reply i'll get back to you asap this time. also where abouts are you living now?
    ok man how about this tuesday then, say in the afternoon around 4ish? I have two controllers that ill bring round.
    hey man, since we live like 5 minutes from each other for the next few weeks do you want to play some melee? You could teach me to be slightly less scrub at it or something.
    Hey, thought I'd say hello since you're another wollongong person. If you're up for it we could have a match or two sometime, wifi or otherwise.

    edit: btw I added you on msn as well. if you aren't cool with that just delete me, I wont mind:laugh:
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