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  • I used to watch everything.
    But everything sucked.

    I watch Jinrui, Joshiraku, Natsuyuki Rendesvouz, Uta Koi, Sword Art Online and Accel World. And a bit of Campione!, but considering dropping it.

    I'm behind on a lot though.

    Best anime this season is probably Jinrui. Natsuyuki and Uta Koi are both really good too. Joshiraku is good if you're into that kind of thing. Sword Art Online and Accel World are just my doses of brainless shounen. As is Campione!.
    Uhm DGames got a lot of new players now and the meta-game has changed from what it used to be. Xiivi/Tom don't play anymore, but most of the vets came back to play a bit like Marshy and Macman.

    Some people left, like one time me and the entire mayling family left but I came back and yeah. It's been hectic, not gonna lie. There was a dark time in DGames but now it's probably the best it has ever been.

    However, I stopped playing mafia sololy after Disney Sing-A-Long ends. ^^"
    I would be more than happy to have you Summoner! Of course you can join my game if you would like to.

    It's nice to see/hear from you after all this time. Didn't you stop playing around like FF7: redux?
    remember that idea you had where we'd be able to draw on link's face n **** on stream?
    well apparently xsplit actually does have a plugin for things like that. if only I knew...
    No problem brah.

    People in the building were quizzing us as we found the thing. They were like "wtf are you doin, heaps of people have gone past today". I said "It's a scavenger hunt", and this lady was like "Well you're losing".
    hey Tom

    things are okay here. the weather could be nicer, but, eh. at least there are no bear attacks. How is school?
    wait are you saying that snakes exist in cities?????

    i don't wanna go no mores y.y
    i know that it is your winter vacation but it is my summer vacation!!! amurricans are the center of the universe so like we gotta do our thang and go our way yanno??

    hey can you help me navigate Australian websites cause they got a funky way of laying out info. i clicked on the link that said "what does it cost to attend" and... it didn't tell me. so i'd appreciate the help? =3 i looked for like ten min to find out the fees and i never found it.
    i'd move to syndey which is like two hours away from you!!

    my dad wants me to study abroad. i have family that lives there (i told you that didn't i??) but yeah if anything i'm going to be there for a month or two during summer vacation (meaning june and july.) after i go to malayasia. you should come show me around!!
    hey guess what? i may be moving to aussie soon. where do you live again? i forgot.
    i am a zv. i haev a brown hat and i mod mafia games w/ my zangoose. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your dGames tonight and make a mess out of your mafia gaems.
    You best stop talking about heron or someone's kneecaps are going to be turned into pots and pans.
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