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  • I wish to collect over 9000 unanswered friend requests.
    Currently at nine.
    Lol, and here i am thinking it was something important?

    Playing LoL?
    Add me son - iKilly
    I'm in melbourne tomorrow for league of legends, if you're in melbourne you can find me :p
    fuuuuuuuu I didn't see this until now, this is why you should get msn or text me. :p

    I can play tomorrow night if you want. From what I hear the ladder resets tomorrow morning so tonight I want to do some 1v1 and hopefully break into the top8 of my div for record's sake.
    Sorry man my sleeping pattern's been ****ed since I stayed up to watch E3. I also have been at ted's most days this week. :p

    I should probs let you know these things hey. :/

    Anyway I am good to play some later tonight if you want.
    duuuuude I totally sent you a text so you could get my number........ >:

    anyway it's 0430862787
    ok sounds good, I'll *try* to be awake. my sleeping pattern is in shambles atm but it's close to fixed so yeh. :/

    you should like get msn or something cause I never notice VMs immediately. :/ or even just text me.
    I'll be on soon. Just eating and then showering, probably like 40 minutes.
    Wow lag? That's ghey. I'm still platinum but first in my pool so maybe soon I'll be back in diamond. I've just been enjoying 2v2s again, and I missed playing with you.
    You know how you said we should have a team name? Well I think I got it

    RadiKill (its suppose to sound like radical)

    -_- im lame arent I?
    Whhat about tommorrow. I think its a public holiday, so it should be fine

    and another thing. You going to Stereo's meet?

    They arent driving at the time that i wanted to arrive. And since they are at work. They may just randomly show up(or not show up at all) and pick me up and drop me off at your house.

    Sorry, im bad at explaining things. I wont be suprised if you STILL dont understand.

    BOTTOM LINE- I could show up anywhere between 9-3(or not at all)
    Okay, My Parents have work and none of them can drive me there.

    So I could arrive at anytime during 9-3. LOL

    If im not there by 3, probably not going to come ---
    Hey, does it matter if I come to your house early. Like around 9ish.

    Because i can either get there really early or really late( Late being 3 o clock and i normally leave around 6 ish anyway). Its your choice
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