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  • We should team next boost and practice port town and distant planet non-stop

    ez wins
    Wifi is amazing for Snake what's the problem?

    Wifi S-Tier:
    - Snake
    - Lucario

    Wifi C Tier:
    - Ganondorf

    Wifi D Tier:
    - Everyone Else
    If you're that desperate we can wifi - but really I'm free a lot of the time. So yeah.
    Probably not - I have enough trouble with the computer. Z-cancel removes all lag when you land during an aerial. Don't worry though - I honestly haven't played it much.
    If you can confirm that you can do tomorrow, I'll see what I can do. I don't know about going to Wollongong right now though. Just yeah - let me know.

    Also; I got Smash 64 yesterday O:
    I was typing with my mouse and could only highlight, paste. ^^ (10charlimit)

    Why don't you give me a day this time? Just so we know that you can make it.
    I'm okay with waiting around on Tuesday, but I would really prefer it if you could sort something out. Anyway, let me know what happens, or if another day works better.
    The joys of being pinned at home for 6 hours when I don't even know if you're coming. Are you near an m52 bus stop? It goes right to my house.
    Your parents aren't driving you so you could arrive at any time? Slightly confused. >.<
    I have no idea what you're talking about :awesome:

    Tuesday seems good right now.
    The way I see it you're just coming over, and if anyone else wants to join us that would be cool, but it's not important either way.

    Also; I'm booked on Friday now too.
    Hmm... Should be good. Booked up over the weekend but pretty much any weekday would be fine atm.
    Have fun getting tossed around like a rag-doll and having no way to avoid it. I mean, you already main Snake, but at least he has Grenades/B-air/Cypher/U-tilt.

    Had to throw U-tilt in there because it's broken even when you're playing the basketball.
    I don't know very much about Toon Link in doubles. Probably not the best choice, but who says we can't make it work? I would need more TL experience dodging his projectiles for sure though.
    I've run by the stage a few times and I think you're in trouble if it is. There isn't a single part of it I can't use to do something stupid to you.
    You're getting a lift right? Surely it's more up to whenever is best for the person with the car? 3:

    But yeah that sounds good.
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