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  • Okay, Just choose a day next week, Ill probably be there

    And you can see one of my new Mains O_O??
    Then who would you suggest using for doubles?

    i have actually been trying to use Snake in doubles and trying to get better. I i think I just need to keep trying
    Well, i have been drinking a tonne of pepsi so maybe i will get it.

    Also. Screw Tink, BOWSER is where its at ^_^
    Ummm. No?

    All you have to do is drink Pepsi and collect the tokens or whatever, right?
    Hell yeah, I'll be on like tonight probably. Just trying to finish Gurren Lagann atm.
    ALRIGHT, I asked and i can definately come. I will be there around 12.30 - 1 ish. SO yeah hope that works
    Saturday is fine. BTW is it just me coming? And i need your address again.

    And just a personal note. I hate playing Snake in doubles, but there are some neat things i could learn/do
    So whats happening with this smash meet on the weekend.

    Also whats going on with doubles, You can team with Stereo, i dont mind
    Nah i would like it to be this week, I havent played in ages. Plus im doing work experience which ends on Friday, so it would be nice to just play
    Definately. This weekend is the 11th and 12th isnt it?

    Im not at school cuz holidays started yesterday for me anyway.
    But i forgot were you live , sooo yeah !
    Yeah, ive been trying to get good at others characters aswell. King DDD and Lucas imparticular.
    Yeah,it is Parramata-ish

    And if you came to my house. You would have to put up with stupid people (my family)
    Definatley, after watching Oats i have really considered him alot lately.

    Also Olimar, his a douche
    Oh. Fair enough. You can always just make a new legacy.
    BTW next time we play, i expect you to be better, i havent played in about 3/4 weeks( or last tournament, i cant remember)
    LOL. I thought it was just going to get rid of them. Not display that ugly crap. Total accident -_-
    Wasn't sure how to reply to this, hahaha.

    Just umm... a true display of skill?
    So howd you go?
    Did you win?
    Who'd you lose to?
    Was it a good experience?
    Better luck next time LOL
    Good luck at Robocop anyway ad another thing

    Have more meets. They are the only times i get to play smash unless its at a tournament
    I could use stereo's controller maybe.
    Or i could use my MAD CATZ controller -__-
    Oh BTW

    Im going to be using in Lucas in actual tournament matches this time around. So if you have to vs me(Like in Winners 2nd round) Ill probably go Lucas !!
    School Holidays start tommorrow and since my school is lazy and just shows videos, i decided not to go. IM SO REBEL!!
    Hey, im still gonna have to use your controller if thats ok?

    And, GOING TO ROBOCOP? I hope you do well
    Hey, could i bother you to bring a spare control to the tourny. I dont have a "working" control

    Lol, Your not as **** as you think. You actually had me worried that i would lose when we vsed.

    Walking off at 0% and dying. I honestly think that you have improved heaps. ^_^
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