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  • next semester is meant to be my last, but I'll have to do an extra semester so I'm about a year off
    Are you going to Dekars DGS tourney? For some gewd Melee practice before Robocop?

    Peach is gay. I actually only use GaW in Melee coz i hate Jiggs v Jiggs and Jiggs v Peach :(
    Grim Tuesday.

    We have the same Melee mains, Jiggs/GaW

    Who do you use in Melee? Jiggs?
    I haven't actually.

    I need to sort it soon. And I'll keep you in mind.
    It'll be like 11am to 1pm, I have to take my little brother to soccer in Adamstown :>
    hey man, I'm in town on Saturday and I'll be in Adamstown for like 2 hours. Up for some video gameS?!
    There's a huge difference between me and him, he posts in Yellow while I post in Gold+BOLD!! :p
    Sorry Melancholy, I'm entering Melee doubles with Silfa. He's my homie for life.

    I've been really getting into Melee, too bad I can't play it and practice any tech skill since my Wii can't read discs :urg:

    Buuuuutt, I'm starting to get the hang of L canceling :bee:

    P.S. Jiggs is broken. :jigglypuf:
    I'm assuming you won't be able to make it here in the morn so I'll pick you up arpund 7:15-7:30 I guess. Tim and Chris are going separate so they can leave early.
    Hey Melancholy, there is a GaW irc now!

    It's on synIRC though, but that's easy.

    The channel is #G&W on irc.synirc.net.
    Yay finally a ... doubles ... match!

    Was fun to watch, you team nicely with Summoner.
    Don't Fair people on the ground unless they have a breakable sheild or something ;D
    Don't worry, I'll upload it for you. I just need a Wii. D:

    Yeah we didn't get to friendly :( but like Melee friendlies were pretty cool. I'm starting to really like that game. :bee:
    Yeah I imagine they'd probably go into the city on saturday but I wasn't sure. I'll let you know when I know numbers.
    Maybe, I have Cao and Dekar staying at mine friday night at least, not sure whether they're staying on and coming with me, then of course i need to work out which of my brother's and tim are interested.. zzz...
    You should pm/msn/pidgeonmessage Andrew for transport to This is it. We're going down already but he'll probably charge you petrol money
    Haha, good stuff! I'm sure you'll do fine, plus that game has a few people new to dGames signed up as well, so you won't need to worry about a bunch of "vets" or anything. Good luck! :p
    You were fine in Rocky mafia! Getting killed first means either you were feared or you made no connections (meaning your death wouldn't lead anywhere and thus help scum prevent town from getting information).

    I think you'd do fine in dGames and maybe even enjoy it some. ;)


    That's the sign-up thread where they run sign-ups for 1 small and 1 large game at a time. The current large game is a special one that is meant to be confusing, so I would say avoid it for now and instead sign up for the small game. The small game is "Boondock Saints Mafia" being hosted by mentosman. So if you just post in the thread "/in Boondock Saints Mafia" you'll be in it, and when the game fills up (it's almost there), you'll get sent your role PM! :)
    you need to sign up for a mafia game in dGames, don't act like we don't see you lurking there :p
    Probably not... :urg:

    I need to find some video editing software so I can split up the matches.
    Oh you got WiFi?

    I don't WiFi as much as I use to, since I'm pretty much surrounded by people who I can play, plus my family is always hogging the internet -_- but yeah whenever I get the chance I like to WiFi.

    You should add me on MSN so we can set up matches easier. What's your FC, I suppose I could add you now.
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