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  • Dude Michael whats up! Hey Lanstar told me I had your combo video.. which I do not remember at all LOL sorry
    Hi man, I wold like to meet you, TKD told me that you are really good player... so what do you say... Can I go with you to SCSA ?
    Maybe we can go on DreamHank619's car xP
    From the falco thread on the peach boards:
    Edit: no offense Drk. Peach but, you have a huge ego. i never really read your posts until now, is this how you all are on the eastcoast?? - "west coast player who can't play falco"

    To answer you question (an outsider's opinion):
    EC players, in general, suck as people. Most of them are *****y, have huge egos, and take brawl too seriously. Some of them are awesome people and I love them, but I'm not lying when I say I haven't enjoyed playing either brawl or melee since I came out here. I'm originally from the midwest, just for reference.
    whats up man, how's college? What major are you doing? I'm looking into what I want to do, & I'm not really sure yet.
    Hello Mr. $BONE$, I've noticed that both you and me have the same birthdays on the 22nd of February and that we both use Peach, isn't that ironic? Also my page says the 20 because I accidentally put that instead of the 22nd lol.
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