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  • Haha, yeah. I was pretty sure this state was the most dead of them all. :p
    Muncie isn't that far off though, right? It's a shame! I'm in serious need of real people to Brawl in this area.
    I'm not exactly sure where I am, haha. But uhhh, I'm not too far off from Castleton. I'm about 20 minutes away from it.
    DM and I talk about this occasionally. DM probably doesn't post there anymore because the Zelda boards have degraded to a giant pile of theorycraft. It's almost as bad as how the Yoshi boards were months ago. (the Yoshi boards are better now though)

    DM cares little about matchup ratios and situational setups. He thinks they're a waste of time, and yet the Zelda boards love discussing Zelda's untapped potential and useless combo setups.

    I love debating matchup ratios, but when Zelda scrubs start telling me that Zelda/Bowser is 65-35, I start getting pissed.
    Kata is a pretty nice mod. I think he secretly loves my trolling.

    But yeah, lots of theorycraft and no way to back it up. I'm always telling them that instead of researching useless setups, they should be learning how to shield. That's something that half of them have no idea how to do.
    I actually got a warning for my post. lol

    But yeah, that's regular Zelda board business right there. Lots of theorycraft.
    I also would be up for chatting/listening to your predicament. I'm usually at my computer doing nothing so just drop a line, i already added you :) (my sn is on my user profile) look forward to hearing from you soon
    Hey there, I saw your post on the 'Something Bothering You' thread and I'd definitely be up for chatting/listening. I added you on AIM but you're not on now :( My sn is Knuckles6760 is you're up for talking.

    I'll be up the whole night, but also will be writing a paper tonight. So just keep that in mind <.<;;
    Well, besides cashed, how many other people do you know that have matching postbits?
    I know this is completely out of the blue, but I just wanted to say that I love your Charmander avatar. :bee:
    I'm tempted to find an avi that is as cute as yours, but I'm too used to mine, so I'll just stick with it lol

    Anyways, keep Charmander for awhile xD
    It makes me smile a bit everytime I see it haha
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