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  • Heheh I'm glad I'm liking a good character.

    I should (maybe) be ok, the characters I picked on LoL are beginner characters but I picked them up anyways and I do alright with them but I will try Venomancer out as well. And yes items are important in LoL like they are in dota.

    Sweet that would be good.

    A beta key? -.-
    Where did you find yours if I may ask.

    Also congrats in placing second in doubles! :p
    Hey was looking at getting DOTA, that guy made out of water looks pretty good. Is he any good?
    Then I must be doing something wrong with him xD
    though I did get some lucky KO's with him lol, that hammer.

    yer, imo what makes Lucario hard is how he gets weaken when he has a stock lead or he goes back to 0% also the recovery having no hitboxes so I can only counter edgeguards by clinging on walls :/

    Sorry, I wish I could but I don't have a job atm but I start my first job next month anyways xD
    I went to a major before, SummerSmash.
    Got to have Lucario clones with Earl =P

    I see what you mean.
    Oh and sorry to be rude but I forgot to introduce.

    I'm Ryukario, I'm a scrub (Until toki says I'm not which will be never lololololol, well CAL says I'm getting better fast) from QLD.

    I use Lucario as you would of figured out by now lol I also use Lucas and PT, tried G&W but I was bad at him D:.
    Oh ok my bad.

    Yer thats true, lucky they give 10 free characters every week.

    I assume you're saying that to learn there strengths and weaknesses?
    I play lol.

    I use anivia and amumu, I'm trying to pick up at least two more.

    Do you play lol?
    lol I just realized that was from dota 2 since I was looking at the site D:

    In my defense I don't know all of lol champions :P

    Here on official business, but the f**k in the avatar needs to go ><
    Nah I can't afford it. I mean, I can, but I don't really want to spend the money.

    I'm going to try to make ThisIsIt2 though. Since M2K will be there, I imagine it will be pretty hype.
    Nah, Peach.

    Man I am going to be so bad come Robocop. Haven't played anyone at smash for about... 3 months :(
    Not that I know of. We saved some replays at a meet yesterday, I'll see what I can do about getting them recorded, but I'll have to get them from Andrew first.
    D'aw! -Huggles.- Thank you, Splice! And agreed! Pound 4 there weren't really many Game and Watches at all. Three at most including myself. TT__TT
    Heyo~!! D: I did but there was no cake! I had to make rice-krispie treats instead! TT__TT But I'm going to do one for another national in February instead for sure!! I hope I can see you there. -^__^-
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