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  • Stop following me! ;P

    Or, just do that ish on the below links (who does smashboards anymore? :D)
    FB username: teegeekay (or search Kaseza Ruhumbika)
    Instagram: ddastardly
    twitter: thegreakazoo3
    whatsapp: thegreatkazoo
    discord: teegeekay#0616
    Haha I was just browsing for old times sake and saw you, remembered the brawl days posting in videography section:p Kinda sad nobody uses this anymore
    Awww, that's sad! :,(
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    Hey man, yu locked my 'combo vid award threads'... i'm tha OP... i'm back after many years of inactivity ready to pick up where I left off... is this copaletic?
    Okay, so I read your guide to using a Dazzle. I already had the Dazzle settings the same, but I didn't have anything good for video compression. I was using WMM to lower the file size... but you could guess what that does to the quality.

    Anyways, I've run into a problem. I installed the CCP before getting VirtualDub, but the DivX codec refuses to show up for me. Do you know of any reason this could be happening? Please help. :(
    So, I read your video guide, which was awesome.
    I've been looking at options to compress videos, I usually run the vid through WMM which... kills the quality, and I tried to use VirtualDub like you mentioned. Problem is, I installed the CCP before VirtualDub, but the DivX codec refuses to show up. Any clue why this could be happening?
    Hey, did you re-battle Chill yet? Cause I was just informed that the logs are only used as "back up" incase of problems between the challenger and E4 member.
    No, it doesn't count as a win or a loss. I'm not supposed to accept the results of a match when there are no logs given to me.
    I have actually taken a break from mafia, I really really want to run another AA themed game someday. I may work on it over Christmas now that you put it back in my head :)
    Ok, since it's for Super 4, this clears it up a bit.

    Well, okay here's a few things though.

    1) All devices on that site are running off of USB 3.0, not 2.0. I don't even have a 3.0 port on my laptop, and there are few that do.
    2) You can't run any intensity product on a laptop. It's a common practice for laptop ports (there are some exceptions, but not many) to lack the bandwidth needed for high intensity (no pun intended) applications, especially those using an HDMI port.
    3) If you have a desktop, you need an x58 motherboard to work with the Intensity. Btw, that has to be a Windows laptop.

    For $200, I would get it if I had a desktop with the specs. But there is clearly nothing like it that I have seen on the market, mostly in part to the power you need to run it. If you don't have the necessary specs (more can be seen here), get an HDPVR. Else, get this.
    Via HDMI?

    The last I checked, the only things that record off of HDMI are not for laptops. Even if you had a desktop, the specs you would need (quad-core min, with a gig of video memory @ the least) are a little exorbitant, even for me.

    Besides, no HDMI support for the Wii, and almost any TV you would use it on would be a flat panel, which equals lag.

    I'll dig up some more and fill you in as needed though.
    hey dude, I'm thinking of organizing an act tourney in july, but obvisouly I dont want it to interfere with potential plans to travel to a perth tourney, what dates are ruled out by that?
    Yeah, still @ it.

    I actually will get to recording again (haven't since ####) when I start going to my state's monthlies.
    Aye, what's good?

    Haven't said much to you in about a year, so I decided to show some love.

    *Shows love*

    Yeah, that's about it.
    Yep, thanks a lot man, sorry I've been a bit snowed under last week or so so I've been hard up to get back to everyone. Thanks heaps!
    Haha, no, Joshua was the Composer, Megumi was the Conductor, although he was essentially the temporary Composer during those three weeks since Joshua wasn't there.
    Hai Vlade. Who's the guy with the big nose in your avatar? :chuckle:

    Anyways, Virtual Dub is so confusing, thanks for the help and all but I've found a way to compress the vids with just using Pinnacle.
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