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  • Hey. What's your brother's username on smashboards?
    I's not just "Nairo". Is it?
    You can F throw to Dancing Blade, Stutter Step F Smash, Fair, or if you are close enough to the ledge you can spike but you have to buffer the dash
    lol @ reading posts about a notebook? i started one right before pound, which i feel did help to my short rise :) only Wes and a couple people know though.
    I was level 30 when I tried the last boss...and six hours later, I accidentally hit "continue" instead of "retry." XD Then I went to the Mirage Arena and got as far as I could in the events, gained 8 levels, and wrecked the boss without the need of abilities, haha.

    I recommend getting Terra's level 6 finish, too. It lasts a long time and can help go through Meteor.
    I bought a PSP with my Disney check just for BBS, haha.

    I beat Ven and Terra's stories, and I'm about 6 hours into Aqua's now. If you're having difficulties with Terra's final boss, just focus on blocking and abusing your shotlock. Once More and Second Chance help if you're not leveled enough.
    okay, cause like i said i can tank or aggro with mk.
    sounds good :D I'm in java class -_-
    cool, please do :)
    also he doesn't wanna team with an mk? i can use multiple characters. though mk is probably my strongest. I'm guessing he would want a good team combination for diversity and tanking? I can play any role as a teamate so either way should be fine.
    Hippiedude brought it up not me. No I wasn't afraid to be proved wrong but I didn't want to get in trouble with mods because they said to drop the subject.

    And who's the scrub here? What idiot would start flaming out of the blue to someone from the INTERNET who he's never met before? That's a great way to grow the smash community! Really encouraging to players somewhat new to the tourney scene.
    Aizen looking MAD SALTY in the latest chapter lol. just thought you should know.
    thanks for backing me up and acknowledging my potential, i really appreciate it :)
    you should come to more tournies dude XD
    Lol, you got an infraction for the M,u-12 avi as well? xD

    I like how you go to Juri right afterwards. ;D (I main both Mu and Juri)
    Hey, you were really helpful last time I asked for advice, I was wondering if you could critique some vids I just got up vs my brother. We were both rusty so you see some standing around because of control fails, but in general I was trying to be more prediction based.

    There are 10 and they're all on Dazwa's playlist, you probably only need to watch a couple to get a feel for it though:


    Thanks I appreciate it
    whats good man? do you really take notes on players & write their habits down after a tournament? Can you give me some examples? because I wouldn't mind trying that if it will help me to be at your skill level! I seriously want to improve, so if you can tell me any of your secrets, I'd appreciate it ^_^
    We live in an age of casual***s. :V

    I like the game though because Megaman is good and Zero is a top tier.
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