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  • Hey man, I see your WFT tournament play and I'm impressed. Would you mind playing me in some WFT dittos later? I believe I will put up a good fight and I want to see who will win or if you've got some learning to do.
    Do you use duck hunt dog? I think i played you in for glory lol tag was kj, nnid steven was about a week ago I used marth.
    nah. **** that character. lol wasn't me
    hey breezy i was a player at s@x this week and my smash boards account didnt recieve the points for smash boards rankings. i acculy ended up playing you. my name at the torny was reflex is there any way u can have gimr or whoever post the results for s@x can fix it and link it to my smash boards account.
    nvm i figured it out i put my claim in that i am reflex
    if u could could u contact the person who controlles the claims and make sure they approve my request
    Hey I'll play you on Project M later if you want! You'll probably win haha, I'm not great. Xp
    Wish I could answer your Teemo question bro. D:
    Ok cool you like to keep it simple, same here haha. Yeah we'll just practice all that at the hotel. It's gonna be fun. It'll be funny to see ya'll drunk as **** too lol, especially Shugo.
    Alright that's cool, I can deff work with that. Other than playing to compliment my partner's style/strengths, I'm pretty much all freestyle and deal with situations as they come, so I can adapt quickly to any kind of role I'm needed for on the fly. Any particular stages you like to take your tougher MUs to that I should know about?
    Yo who are you breaking out in dubs? I'm going :marth: / :metaknight:, and only using :peach: if we encounter a team with a :wario: or :yoshi: on it since I tear them both up with her.
    Dawg, join our Grifball team.=<
    Rhan can't and we're looking for two people.

    Best I can grab from youtube.
    If I get more time after work I can try and find the episode (which would be in better quality) but it would be the same picture.
    Unfortunately she doesn't do anything cool while she's playing.
    Bassists :(
    well im just curious, whats your username we should play sometime (what lvl if your not 30 yet) (my avatar says the same lol)
    lol sry at what happened last tournament/the feedback afterwards, your kirby was excellent, I was terrible..Lol. Bad mood got in the way, usually don't act like that in threads/tournaments. BTW, your commentary ***** (saw your video from QueTaro's youtube). And again: Sry, lol
    DOn't worry about picking me up.

    I can't leave this house because of personal family issues.
    He has shyyt to do Sunday. He can't. It'll just be me. Sorry for the confusion..
    LMAO! Playing videogames for most my life has finally paid off. :laugh:

    I can either be in Richmond by 6 or 9:15.

    Just tell me either or.
    5 today? I gotta make shiit happen quick then. Shouldn't be hard.

    2910 N BLVD
    Richmond, VA 23230

    That's the address to the station.
    When are you leaving? And is it possible for Snap to house me too? I can pay him.

    Also I got you on gas.
    Okay so the thread moves too fast to keep up.

    But what if I can get to Richmond and you scoop me on the way then drop me back off at Richmond?
    My computer's bein ********, so I can't get in the chat.

    My fc is 1763 9978 5633, and I've got u added already, so we can play whenever u want.
    Hey Tk, could I come with you to SiiS4? I'll pay for gas and other expenses of course. I could drive to your house before and just park my car there too so you wouldn't need to pick me up from my house.
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