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  • Yo.

    So what's it gonna take to get you to come to Phoenix Saga 4 in June with TO Joe and Meek? I am prepared to romance you if necessary.


    Seriously though, Joe wants you to carpool to this and if you have an interest in this tournament, I would like to facilitate your traveling down to the States. I am super accommodating host.
    i don't want to team actually, mainly because i don't think i can be there until around 12:30-1 or so
    Do you need a place to crash when you come visit Ottawa? I live with Knuckles and Haze, and we're totally willing to house you / party with you / play smash with you / chill with you.

    Also, when you get laser eye surgery, do your eye lasers fire uncontrollably like Cyclops from the X-Men? Or can you choose when to fire them, like Dinobot from Beast Wars / Beasties? [/srs question]

    If it's uncontrollably, we may need to give you a tent. I am personally a fan of my house not being blown up.
    Yo do you want to team for Brawl+ doubles if you don't have a partner already? My Dair spamming Lucario + your 1 day characters FTW maybe? lol
    Hey, I see you broski. You up for some friendlies on WiFi ? lol...or did you really bust your wii? o.O
    Haha I found a bunch of videos with you commentating from a month ago...you are my hero, do it more! Your words are sex lmao.
    hm, your not the same Iliad from aib/ssbb are you? LOL. If not, theres two of you. I play him all the time.
    yo. So like you need to come to mlg columbus. Or APEX. So I finally get the chance to wreck you in person :)
    I fixed MDK/everyone else

    By the way, Koka changed her name to become Sneak. It's what she identified as, before she went inactive.

    About Culex, I have NEVER seen him play Game And Watch.
    Great post in User Blogs.

    People don't know anything about the Japan situation, thanks for pointing that out.

    I almost beat Ally, that's the messed up thing.

    You know how low tiers do. :yoshi:
    I do play Yoshi, good point.

    Or did play Yoshi.

    Yeah, his DK is legit. Didn't Ally get 1st seed? Pretty sure you got 2nd then lol.

    No, screw Meta Knight. He's not fun at all to use.

    Sorry I never played you ar LBT2, I actually feel really bad about it.

    I beat Danny, Wild Card and Skyler, but I raged when I lost to i1337 and that sudden death made me lose to Ryan FW, and I got discouraged and didn't want you to get 3rd seeding.

    I picked up Snake. Hopefully another Pownz will happen soon.
    Sauc3 does not seem to agree with your assessment of his scrub falcon! You need to teach me your ways so he cannot talk down to me like that =(
    If i get off @ aldershot station, what bus do i take to get to the terminal downtown hamilton on main street or whatever the hell it is?

    i need directions, i totally forgot where to go.
    Do you know anyone who can give me a ride for pownz on the 12th?

    it would really help

    also if i come, yoshi vs your marth or link

    who was that link player i absolutely combo'd to death at the pownz tournament in august? was it you?

    no i don't think it was, i forget his name though...
    But, Ice Climbers aren't as dominant and have a lot more slightly disadvantaged/neutral matchups.
    yeah man sorry we only had 1 game but how do u think my snake is he's my worst of my mains according to max and niko i think well thats what i remmember
    You sent the same message twice <_<

    I'll be sending out details soon, but I'm going to have to pick them up from AN on Thursday first. That is to say, you're going to have to meet me on Friday (or whenever is preferable for you) and get them off me then. I'm going to distribute my cellphone number and tell you guys where you'll be able to find me. Not only that, I'm going to be there really early on Friday to ensure everyone gets their passes before the actual weekend really starts. I hope this clears up any issues :)
    alright cool man same its just that alot od brawl people choose this so i say we do this our way :p

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