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  • Hey, would you be interested in picking up the project of gathering Sheik's frame/hit-power data again? You were the closest to getting it all, so yeah.
    my skype is illmatiicc, but i'm not on right now due to this essay I have to write

    You caught me at a bad time, message me another time and we can talk about it more. I had 4 people jump me the moment I got Aim as well as Wifi. O_O
    Yoha broha, SkyPirate told me you're interested in knowing when Austin holds fests. We usually meet at my place on Fridays from 1 PM till whenever.
    Yo, are you the guy who did commentary on one of Rogueyoshi's MvC3 matches at Winter Brawl?
    I hate Brawl's out-of-shield buffer system. I've yet to find an explanation for getting instant double jumps out of shield when I only press X once during shieldstun... and getting jumps out of shield when I hit down on the C-stick, for that matter.

    Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that it'd possibly be easier to ensure returning to neutral position by alternating up/down rather than going between up and neutral.
    Just wondering, but if repeatedly using C-up to alternate between forward and up SDIs works, would it stand to reason that shaking the C-stick up and down would be equally effective?
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