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Recent content by Dnyce

  1. Dnyce

    why do yall hate brawl so much

    it's been 10 years and somehow this is the first thing I see on smashboards. brawl is great. that is all.
  2. Dnyce

    The 2013 Fort Worth Classic - SoCal Rep Possible! - July 20th, 2013 - Fort Worth, TX

    Alias: Fino Email: fino9@ymail.com Location: DFW Entering: All events
  3. Dnyce

    Brawl Back Room Interviews

    I must vote for delux.
  4. Dnyce

    Louie's Notes-Olimar Q&A Thread!!

    Based on the standard GCN controller settings, the main advantages of mapping a shoulder button (L/R/Z) to attack for Olimar are (1) Makes DACUS easier to input and (2) gives you the ability to charge smashes input with the c-stick. I myself set Z to attack, R to jump, and Y to grab, tap jump off.
  5. Dnyce

    Dallas/Fort Worth! - www.twitch.tv/tourneylocator at 7pm on Thursdays

    Wow, I wish I could find controllers for $20 <_< zach, y u no give?
  6. Dnyce

    Louie's Notes-Olimar Q&A Thread!!

    For glide attack, it is ideal to latch pikmin onto mk either as he goes into glide or before he gets close enough to punish your pikmin toss. For the most part, good mks will cancel their glide early after the pikmin is latched (or about to latch). The additional lag of hitting a pikmin with...
  7. Dnyce

    Tyler, TX - POWER RANKINGS UPDATE!!! #disney #minifoxislegendary

    All oli has to do is spam pivot grab and Ike loses. He cri errytiem.
  8. Dnyce

    Deflowered! A Comprehensive Guide of Infinite Knowledge!

    Would have to test it out, but idgaf anymore. Easiest way would be trying to shoot one of falcos lasers through the upB. If the pikmin still has its ability to absorb damage during upB then yea
  9. Dnyce

    Dallas Texas. TCS6

    If only I had ur number bb ;-;
  10. Dnyce

    HOBO 39: Road to WHOBO event #1! - March 9th, 2013 - Houston, Tx

    Nope, just wanted to see if I could make you add it, lol. Will be in SoCal :(
  11. Dnyce

    Dallas Texas. TCS6

    Shout outs to Dakpo for being a ****** too. Hope u die
  12. Dnyce

    Dallas Texas. TCS6

    Oh haha ha hahaha haha ha... **** YOU AERO LINK so here's the real story. I ask aerolink if it's chill if I stay at his place the night before (because it's apparently like 5-10 mins from the venue and I live like an hour away) and he's like yeah. He then went on to tell me...
  13. Dnyce

    Dallas/Fort Worth! - www.twitch.tv/tourneylocator at 7pm on Thursdays

    So... lemme get this straight..... you're moving to california.... because it cost too much to live here...... k.....................................................................................................
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