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  • Christmas present that satisfies, profoundly. Now you have to get back into the scene, mate.:applejack:
    Depending on attendants w may do that. But we might just do straight bracket. We will have to see how many scrubs show up. Also, what will be the live stream site? So I can add it on here.
    Hey, this is Billy. Are you still going to that NC tourney this weekend? If you are, and have a spot in your car, I would like to go, too.
    Where'd ya go? :c Missed me at my first OoS at HASL.

    Do not ask why I'm up at such a time.
    Would you be willing to help me get the best quality for recording brawl matches? I own an HD PVR but not the component cables for the wii as said in your thread. Do you know how I could get the best quality possible w/o the cables?
    Whoa Kazoo you're the same age as my bio teacher in my last two years of school!

    Happy birthday my african american
    Heeeeeeeey I was wondering I you could pick me up to since your picking up player 1 as well and since my birthday just came up I got alot of money so I can definately cover for gas call me and let me know if you can
    Nice to meet up again. Sorry we didn't get to play :/ I lost a leaderboard set to Scatt 3-5 after you left with Chas. Sets were epic.
    Already replied in the Waba thread. I'll try to make it, as things are looking positive for my attendance.
    Those games were nice, it was really cool to have you guys over. Thanks for stopping by, and sorry Scatt and Neo couldn't make it.
    It's the same place as last time. 3463 Spring Creek Dr. I'll text it to you, in case you're out already.
    I do. You might not like what I have to choose from, though. Where'd you leave it? People are expected around 1:00-2:00
    I'll ask them now, but it's whenever you want by me. Oh, could you bring your Wii? Miles can't show, so we're one setup down. I've got two TVs, and Zero was supposed to bring another. Gomna ask Scatt and Neo what they choose on Friday.
    lol damn! Oh btw. I usually record only the sound effects and video with the capture card. Sometimes you'll need to edit the audio file in Vegas (move it to the left/right, cut out empty space, etc). And doing that with music recorded will cause the music to f-up.

    You could record both but you probably won't be able to edit the audio. I just take an mp3 and put it into Vegas/Premiere and put it in the video after I match the sound effects with the Dolphin Replay.
    I actually don't even record sound from Dolphin. I record the audio seperately with a capture card from my Wii. I actually record the entire replay with video and audio from my Wii but only use the audio. The I put the audio in the video editor and make the video match up with the audio so its playing at the perfect speed.
    I mean, I've got boxes and crap, whatever works if we run out of chairs early and nobody brings any, lol. I'll save you a chair <3
    You think you'd be able to record at this? Oh, how big is that TV you told me about last time? I've got an HD TV upstairs you can record on :troll: If you can't/don't want to lug your TV. I'd like to get some vids up, though. My current vids do not meet my expectations whatsoever.
    I think they'd expect to be here at around 1:00 or so, I'll have to ask them. Scatt and Neo are interested afaik. Same location.
    The people are: Zerosins, Taki, Abel, Miles(maybe), and Fwop(maybe, if I can convince him to play). We've got 3 TV+Wii setups planned. We're going to need chairs, since my gaming chairs are broken and in need of repairs. All I have are four dining room chairs.
    Hey, I'm hosting a Smashfest, and I'm expecting 5-7 people already. You interested?
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