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  • oats i dont know who you are but anyone who makes ted sooooo happy that he is slightly less angry at me is AWESOME!
    I could actually be here all day telling you how good you are oates, but you are really pro, so nice and friendly and funny and you really looked out for us and tryed to make us see as much and have as much fun as possible.
    and lets not get started on how much you **** tetris attack, its like on charmeleons level.

    also poor luke my ***, I had fun ;)
    Prepare for an onslaught of compliments! :p

    I'll start.

    Oats, you're amazing because of your incredible San Diego tours, with free viewing of Spongebob at the end. :)
    Dude, when does the next bus payment need to be made?
    I'd like to just pay the rest of the fee since I'm leaving for america in like, 2 days.
    also i have a job is there anyway that i could possibly get back a day earlier than expected?
    are these bus seats for more than one person and i also have another question, when we pay 40, is this a full- fare to antioch and back??????
    hey thanks so much! We're still going to look for free housing for a bit longer (trying to make this trip as affordable as possible lol), but it seems like we might end up having to get a room. Any info on cheapest hotel deals would be awesome and greatly appreciated!! thanks again
    Thanks! You totally are the best lucas and you make really good pun names too :D. I hope that whenever I come down to san diego this summer I can play you and have my yoshi's *** handed to him :D.
    Hey i'm pretty new to the community but i d like to go to Genesis but have no way to get there. Was wondering if there's any more spots on that bus? and if there is when do we have to pay by?
    Got some Brawl+ matches coming out here soon. My Melee Mario unfortunately is all but dead.
    Nice image of Karen there. Thats who it looked like. Where did you get that one in particular from?
    Noooooooooooo! *cowers* Must not get face r*ped next time I see you ! (lol I dunno if they allow that word on this site <-- nub)
    Where did you get the avatar from?

    It looks cool, and I wish to know what anime/tv show/videogame/whatever it originated from
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